Saturday, November 27, 2010

~ Handmade Shabby Tags ~ holiday gifts

... just dropping in quickly to say that for those of you who have ordered these tag sets (inside or outside etsy) they're finished, packed, and ready to go :)

large tags covered with yummy little things stashed into a special paperbag with pretty doilies tucked in between. The whole package will be carefully enclosed in a padded envelope for it's journey to you ... Wish you joy using them for your holiday gifts!

And... before I go, I decided to give away a set of these tags ... leave a comment letting me know what type of tags or creating-sets you would like to see next time ... and I will share the winner sometime next week.

see you soon!
~ Viola


  1. Just discovered your blog from the PaperTrey Blog Hop; wow, I love your work! I like tags for all times of the year; baby tags would be a lot of fun.

  2. I love these! I'd love to see birthday style tags!

  3. I love any kinds of tags so maybe a year round series for each of the upcoming holidays would be nice. Love these by the way and would love to win a set. I have a little bulletin board that they would be proudly displayed on. TFS

  4. Oh how I would love to win a set of your beautiful tags!

  5. hi i am a new reader! (:
    i wld love to see sweet tags with paper dollies, roses, lace etc (:
    btw, i linked from june's blog to urs and seems like you've won her giveaway. she's awaiting ur respond i think, do check her blog, one of the recent post (:

  6. Viola these are so so so pretty! I'm so happy that your etsy store is doing well! I need to work on some birthday tags!!

  7. Viola! How very pretty!! I saw your PTI blog hop post also, and your tags are all so very lovely!! No wonder you got such a wonderful response! I've only been able to get in on one blog hop, but it was so much fun and so exciting to hear from so many people. I really just came to peek at your header and layout before messing around with mine a little so that I could mail you back,... and look what I've missed!! Wonderful job!! I'll be fooling around with my blog for a couple days and will be getting back to you then. Beautiful!! Have a great day!!

  8. oh i love your tags, viola! they are just so beautiful :)!
    hrmm...maybe baby shower tags? or birthday tags?
    thanks for sharing and i wish you a wonderful weekend!
    *hugs* steph :)

  9. Hi viola great to see that you've manage to join the blog-hop! great tags as always!
    how about some valentime tags!

  10. children tags will be fun!! a bit of rhymes, poetry, fun stuff ....
    lucky those who r going to receive your tags, not sure I will have any luck though!

  11. Viola, I found your site via another. wow, you are so talented. I love the softness and loving feel of the tags and cards you make. You are very original and creative. How about tags for SHMILY. (See How Much I Love You.) Did you ever here the story of SHMILY? Since valentines day is right around the corner, these would be great. I like leaving little notes to let someone know that they are loved.

  12. Just discovered your blog. Love your work. Wouldn't it fun to create "Greeting" Tags like Greeting cards but tags. Can't wait to see!!!

  13. I love your tags. I just stumbled over here from and have not been able to leave. Your site is gorgeous filled with gorgeous ideas. Next stop: Etsy! :)


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