Tuesday, May 10, 2011

~ Clear and Simple Stamps Group Challenge ~ Masculine (and feminine) Krafts


Colors inspired by this: rich earthy tones mingled with a peaceful aqua-blue.



Daddy2 Daddy3
for some special dad (like my own) ----- created with this kraft cardstock, cute buttons, and this stamp set just for the boys in your life.

I won't lie; I still struggle when it comes to making cards for men. But this stamp set makes it just a little bit more simple to ease yourself into that little niche... hope it will help you too.

And one more robin-egg card, in girl-style. The flowers and leaves are vintage millinery, mixed with some buttons and burlap.

Aqua1 Aqua2

Spot the hidden sentiment!! :)

If you pull on the button strip... the message appears.


That's my take on the group challenge for today! Thanks for stopping by... I'll be back soon.



  1. your card's simply beautiful. :)

  2. Two gorgeous cards, looooove them :)

  3. Patty O'MalleyMay 11, 2011 at 3:21 AM

    Beautiful cards, as always, Miss Vio! Love the masculine card and the second one is simply gorgeous. Love the hidden sentiment!

  4. Both are beautiful. I love the pretty flowers. :)

  5. Love how you add more embellishments to your masculine cards. I always keep mine so simple- but I think men can appreciate these things too!

  6. Ohh, I have that paper and you made it look so fabulous with the Kraft!!! Great colors together.

  7. Love your take on the color challenge! Both cards are fabulous!

  8. Aww you used my ribbons! *wipes tear* Found fiddling with them a bit makes them soft again, if the stiffness bothers you just do that! ^_^
    May I know what papers you used for the first card? It is pretty!!
    Did not realise the hidden sentiment until the second time I came back here to comment, cool :D

  9. viola, you have such a gorgeous blog! love your hidden sentiment tag:)

  10. Gorgeous cards! I love the peek-a-boo sentiment. Great idea!!

  11. Love the father's day card with the old time bicycle and all the buttons. Very cute.
    Leslee in MT

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