Wednesday, September 14, 2011

~ Special Delivery ~ Crafty Secrets and glittler blossom


hello! are you having a nice day? it's almost midnight here and I need to skip off to bed. But I decided to post first.......
and you know this is so funny I want to laugh AND scream and punch myself at the same time. Remember in my last post, I said "see you for Monday's Crafty Secrets DT challenge" or something like that? I was referring to this week's monday. Unfortunately for me, my brain didn't work right and I didn't realize that our DT challenge is NEXT week. and therefore both you and me have to wait seven more days before we can look at that card. Duh.
(and would you believe it, I came home today in a panic because it was way past the supposed "posting time" and when I logged online to post my card and see what the other DT had created....... my bubble burst upon realizing that NONE of them have posted yet.. haha)

Anyways, I have a little thing to share that I made some time back. Something that I would LOVE to give to a new mom and her new baby girl. I was just thinking that if any of you had someone in mind like that who would need a little encouragement/blessing, I'd love to send you the card so you can write your own message to her. You can email me and I'll send it to the first person who does ok? (hopefully not 100 people will email me or I will die).
*EDIT: The card has been taken for a special new arrival. thank you all :) *



Some special things I used on this card: TCM Telegram stamp set, TCM Simply Delightful stamp set, a felt rose from the awesome lovely Annette (hi Annette! :), a vintage print die-cut mini post-card from this etsy shop, lace trim from Little Red Cottage, and my FAVORITE-EVER color of seam-binding from Debbie's etsy shop (hi and thank you Deb!)


A bit more of a simple card...... but it was a piece of therapy for me as I have hardly been crafting nowadays. Something's wrong with the creative strip of my brain I think.

Ok I need to get some sleep. *enormous yawn*

~ vi


  1. What's wrong with the creative side of your brain is that it thrives on sleep!!! And I sure hope 100 people don't e-mail you for the card as I will miss you, LOL!

  2. Oh Vio! What a beautiful, soft and lovely card! I am sure that whoever receives it will be totally charmed.

  3. So lovely and sweet! Love the bit of snow on your flower! :)

  4. Well, looking at this card, Vio, there is nothing wrong with the creative side of your brain. But, I agree that you need to get enough sleep! Sweet dreams!

  5. Mojo must be out and about everywhere..I too just can't get motivated. Your card here sure doesn't show any problems, it is totally beautiful. Friday my son and wife had a new baby girl" Summer Rose" just love the name...and lots of excitement!!
    Have a wonderful week.

  6. Beautiful card, Vio! I would take a chance and e-mail you to see if I would be first to get the card, but I have to confess that I would keep it for myself!

  7. Love it :o) So beautiful and soft. The flower is wonderful

  8. Lovely card! I like the stamping, the papers, the lace and pearls, the beautiful rose and the pretty ribbon. :)

  9. Your card is gorgeous Viola! You have such a soft and shabby touch in all of your creations, I love to see what you've created every time I visit. The rose looks so sweet on your card! I got a big smile when I saw your little hello to me - thank you! Wishing you a lovely day!

  10. sigh. i love it!!! the felt with the glitter - perfection!


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