Friday, March 23, 2012

wedding weekend - March 10, 2012

Hi! I'm creating a few more projects to share and doing some blog designing, but in between i decided to post a couple of (un-professional) photos from my sister's wedding two weekends back.

I know, I had a sister married last december, but this is a different one =)

disclaimer: some of these photos have this weird color going on, but i think it's cause i messed with them in photoshop. i decided to post them anyway :-/

This one is a peek at one of the photo/testimony collage boards I created with the help of some dear friends!


The kneeling bench (in the church sanctuary) with fresh roses and satin and organza:


Details, details.... (my amazing mother handmade my sister's bridal gown, including the intricate chinese buttons and beading here on the sleeve)



Wedding bands: (i apologize I got carried away and took so many)




Watching from an upstair window as her groom arrives =)
(for some reason I only have this photo in b+w and it's kind of grainy because of the indoor lighting.............. oh well aarrrgghhh)


the reception was held in the outdoor gardens of our church, and the weather was BEAUTIFUL! the reception-caterer did a wonderful job with the food and decorations.


my sisters and our friends made a wonderful spread of homemade desserts and tasty morsels (like they did back in december).


mini sugar donuts, mexican wedding cookies, banana cupcakes, chocolate chunk cookies, cream-cheese topped fruit jelly, mocha crinkles, mini cinnamon rolls, pineapple tarts, cream-cheese and carrot cupcakes, white chocolate pretzels, dark chocolate cupcakes, cornflake cookies, ummmm.......... (trying to remember if I forgot anything) oh DURIAN cupcakes. I wonder if any of my readers have ever tried the amazing fruit called durian (google it!) ... The bride and groom are big durian-fans, so we had to have some durian cupcakes for the reception =)




i made that cake up there.
it was a black-forest cake, and if I'm not wrong, it tasted pretty..... nice........ =)
(my frosting technique is less than perfect, though)

I think this is a better photo of it even though it shows mostly the flowers.


yours truly signing the guestbook - I'm not really that short... i was just kneeling down to get on eye-level with the table =) (someone secretly took my camera and snapped this pic)


... and they lived happily ever after!!!


the end.

*happy memories* ... thanks for sharing them with me.



  1. Lovely wedding! PS My husband has eaten durian. He travels to Asia for work pretty often, so eats all the local stuff. He gets to Singapore, Maylasia, China, Japan, and Tiawan the most often.

  2. Your mother is soooo talented. What beautiful work. Beautiful pics too.

  3. Thank you so much Vio, for sharing these pictures of your sisters marriage ! And
    just as in december you all did a wonderful job ! Tell your mother I have great admiration for her and what she has accomplished !
    Big Hugs,

  4. Beautiful photos! Your mother is amazingly talented! It obviously runs in the family! This truly looks like a wonderful wedding.

  5. Nice pics. What a fun celebration. Your cake looks lovely. :)

  6. Gorgeous pictures! It looks like it was a beautiful ceremony. And by the way.....the cake looked beautiful!

  7. Thanks for sharing those lovely pictures! You made that wedding cake?! It is gorgeous! You are so talented!!!


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