Saturday, June 16, 2012

~ What's been happening around here ~

I just can't decide if I deserve to have a blog or not. Why do I keep one when I never post?

I make cards sometimes.. (sometime being in the past).


I leave cute things on my desk so they can get all dusty and make me sneeze..
(thank you Melissa for this pretty little gift. It's been sitting on my workspace since the day it came in the mail!) :)


I make more cards, and when someone wants to take one, they are supposed to put a cookie in it's place as payment (but they never do).


I never pack my stamps away. When I need one in particular, I rumble through the entire pile 'til I find what I need...


I have so many random, odd bits of funny things on the shelf above my desk. What is a pot doing in a basket, and that scrap piece of lace tied around the middle?! (my brain needs re-wiring).


On a more jolly note, I am busy with working life, continued music lessons and practice, and designing projects.

I am feeling especially happy with how Karen's blog banner turned out, so let me share it with you.


Thanks so much for letting me work with you on your blog, Karen.

Hugs to you, my friends.
May your weekend be filled with good things like pizza and ice cream.

And no prizes for guessing when I will be back to regular posting... :)



  1. Hi Viola :) lovely to see you post, we all need a blogging break every now and again, so don't aplogise. Love all the crafting stuff on your work desk and Melissa's pin cushion :) Also love the banner you created, you are very talented. Have a fab weekend :) ♥

  2. Hi there My sweet niece! lol! Your blog will always be here so visit it when you gets in the way. Your banner is gorgeous! By the way I had pizza last night! hgs, cherry

  3. Thanks Aunt Cherry I hope you are doing super yourself! :)

  4. So glad to see your post! Happy you seem to be enjoying life. Karen's banner is lovely. I would take all your cards and make you lots of delicious, homemade cookies! Hee! :)

  5. I love reading your posts. It doesn't matter to me if it isn't frequent. Life gets busy!
    Loved these photos :)

  6. Always lovely to hear from you, whenever you post!

  7. Hello, I just popped over from Karen's Blog and I just love the Banner that you made for her! Your desk is fabulous with all those lovely cards! I to have my stamp sets all stacked together and I riffle through them when I need one. I'm going to sign up to receive your posts because I'd love to see more of your creations!

  8. Well Vio , I've been thinking a lot of you lately . What a surprise when I opened my mail this evening ! Just when I wanted to write an email asking how you are doing . That banner is gorgeous ! I have also neglected my blog .
    Big hugs , Rosa

  9. Good to hear from you and that life is keeping you busy and productive!! That's the way it should be, young lady!!

  10. Hi there, Miss Vio! Don't ever go away completely--you would be so missed! If I were near you, I would leave you many cookies for those beautiful cards! Doesn't Melissa also create such beautiful things? I have some of those treasured pin cushions, too. I think you will find creative ways to use those beautiful items on your desk one day. Sending you hugs!

  11. Karen LetchworthJune 17, 2012 at 9:56 PM

    Thanks again for my beautiful blog banner, Vi. I am SO grateful to you. I'm even hosting a give-away to celebrate! :)
    I know you're busy and can't post a lot, but I'm always blessed when you do. Just share what you can when you can, and we will all be happy to see what you create!
    Blessings to you!!!
    Karen L

  12. I think blogging shouldn't feel like a chore. Just do it whenever the mood strikes you...that's what I tell myself anyway. That blog banner looks so pretty :)

  13. I do hope you continue to blog because I so enjoy seeing your I owe you lots of cookies!!!

  14. Hi Viola, your blog is pretty and so is everything that comes from you! Yes, you do need a blog please! :-)


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