Sunday, June 19, 2011

~ Fabric Art Journal ~

Last week I picked up these beautiful japanese quilting fabric bits from a millinery store. I actually didn't have anything special in mind...

I thought it might work for a pillow -- (what was I thinking? I've never made a pillow before, and I certainly don't need one). Later as I stared at it I thought of making a camera strap cover -- still considering that one (b/c I'm not sure I want to walk around with a pink strap for my black camera, it would be STRANGE).

Then I got a brainwave this afternoon, started digging in my terribly disorganized drawer, and found a notebook I could cover. It was SUPER!!! I was so excited.

First I wrapped the chipboard cover with the pink fabric and stitched all over it to secure the cloth.

Then I layered more fabrics and some tea-dipped trim on top, and stitched again (I am paranoid about the "things" fallling off the notebook).

........made a faux seed-packet using a pretty vintage image from Birds and Botanicals notepad and a little brown paper sack, and then stitched all over it again..... trimmed with a resin applique from Melissa Frances, and a little clock face.

The flowers are made from more tea-trims, and some of the cream fabric, messily bunched up and stitched ---- embellished with little crochet pieces, pearls, and baubles. The leaves are olive green cardstock, scrunched up, distressed and stitched.

there it is -- a simple, romantic fabric art journal. I'm not quite sure if I'll use it or give it away or what... I'm just going to keep it for looking at for a while ;)

I'm working on a few fun pages inside... will be sharing them next week sometime I think.

hope your weekend is going LOVELY!! mine sure is :)


  1. This is beautiful! You did good! :)

  2. Absolutely beautiful :) you are a clever lady :)

  3. You are SO Good with what u are doing, sweet Viola! and i see Crafty Secrets by your side bar - HUGE HUGE heartiest Congrats!! U are SO perfect for them =) Really happy for you !

  4. Now I know what to do with all my scraps left over from my quilting days. I thought about making fabric flowers, but to cover a journal is perfect!! You are too brilliant! I just love how you put everything together.

  5. WAUW!!I I-Love every bit of your notebook cover ! Those fabrics are gorgeous, just what i'd pick too, but i would sit and stare at them ,you have a tremendous way of combinating fabric and papercraft.I have saved some fabric too ,but stashed away somewhere.
    Love Rosa

  6. Patty O'MalleyJune 19, 2011 at 11:20 AM

    Oh, Vio! This truly is beautiful! The fabrics are gorgeous! Melissa Phillips and a couple of other girls are making quilt blocks this summer using various trims, trinkets and other treasures (check her blog). No rules--just what you love. I'm thinking of giving it a try myself.

  7. beautiful,love it

  8. what a clever idea! I just might try it! Your notebook, is simply devine!

  9. Those are the kind of fabrics I'm drawn to for quilting - there's a US fabric designer named Robin Pandolph whose fabrics are quite similar. LOVE what you did with these lovely fabrics, Viola! Now you have a beautiful keepsake.

  10. Wonderful covering! Beautiful fabrics and lovely trim. I really like your seed packet. :)

  11. Your notebook is stunning!! You are so
    talented in everything you make. Thanks
    for sharing and I will look forward to
    seeing your pages!

  12. Love this. Thanks for sharing. You've given me some motivation to try fabric.

  13. Oh so pretty! I love this idea. Your layering is adorable ;)

  14. Viola! It's so pretty! (((: Thanks for sharing and thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog (:

  15. wow this is amazing!! Hugs Juls

  16. I gotta say, this is pretty much the prettiest thing I've seen! :) Awesome job!


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