Sunday, June 12, 2011

~ Rosebuds and Raindrops ~ Blossom Project

***The flowers were snapped up really quick! I will be going back to the store on Monday to see if they have more, and will update you when I get back. Thank you ALL so much for your interest in the flowers, this was super fun. Please email me if you'd like to get your name on the waiting list for the flowers. I so hope I won't have to disappoint anyone! Thanks again! :)***

Hello and Happy Saturday!

A couple weeks back I posted two cards with large floral embellishments, and I got a couple of questions about the flowers ... so to those of you who asked, I emailed you back and planned a little "spree" for these roses. Today on my trip to town with mommy and sisters, I dropped by the little millinery store and grabbed up whatever flowers they had left for you lovely ladies ;) ...

I am asking for those who wanted these flowers to email me ( so I can mail you the flowers and we'll figure a way to do payment (either an etsy listing, or direct through paypal). If you didn't ask previously but want a bit of pretty posies for your crafts, just let me know!! I'll be glad to add you to the list.

~ d e t a i l s ~

US$5/pack -- each pack has six different bunches of flowers (pictured above) with crystal-like vines... each floral spray measures approximately 4" tall.

Last week I also posted a couple of cards using some sweet little rosebuds that more of you asked about...

~ d e t a i l s ~

Posies2  Posies1
US$4/packet -- each packet has three different colors (pink, peach, and blue)... and I counted: there are 20-25 of each color. That makes for 60-75 flowers! Yum!

If you want any of these flowers, let me know via email. I didn't want to list these as "free for all" in my etsy shoppe as I don't plan on becoming a flower-supply store. HA.

And I have a little card to share... using some of the little rosebuds.


It mixes wonderfully with Prima blossoms, big and small.......... a lovely floral-collage.


That's it from me today. I hope you're having a beautiful weekend where-ever you are!

~ vi


  1. Um..excuse me miss flower lady. hehe
    I would love some of those little rosebuds. Let me know if you have any left. :)

  2. Super adorable! I totally love your sweet floral card - those flowers are so beautiful, they remind me of a pretty cottage garden ;)

  3. I love your card with the rosebuds... super pretty!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. The rosebuds are unique, I've never seen any made with that material until I saw them here. They look lovely on your card, likewise did all of your flowers on the cards you previously posted. Hope you have a splendid weekend! :)

  5. Hi , Vio , I would like to order the three pack rosebuds ! The are so beautifull !!! Payment as last time if ok for you ? Hugs Rosa

  6. Patty O'MalleyJune 12, 2011 at 3:02 PM

    I abolutely love this card! And the flowers are so very beautiful! You're lucky to have a store that sells such unique items.

  7. Hi Viola :) I emailed you through order for rosebuds :) looks like if you stocked them you would be flooded with orders ... Lol ;)

  8. Me, me, me for flowers and rosebuds if there are the card!
    Karen Jenkins


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