Wednesday, July 6, 2011

~ 2012 Calendar ~ Want2Scrap guest designing

Today i:

~ felt grungy and therefore made grungy things. (okay, not grungy, but I'm getting tired of saying "shabby" so I need to find a new word)

~ stamped with paint ~ messy but fun!


~ hung a heart in a frame and I feel so pleased about it (nothing is prettier than a bling-y heart)

~ cut out rose motifs from scraps of cloth and sprinkled them with pearls ...

The lovely ladies at Want2Scrap invited me to guest-design for them this July. I have never before used their chipboard and goodies, but they got me started and I am afraid I am hooked. Here is a list of the Want2scrap goodies I used for this project:

~ scalloped chipboard album
~ chipboard embellishments
~ rhinestone heart

I painted the chipboards with wicker-white acrylic paint (FolkArt) and sanded it before stitching and embellishing. The rhinestone heart was originally a ribbon slide, but it was easy to clip off the "slide" section.


Visit the Want2Scrap blog today for more information about this calendar, AND photos and details of another project I am not going to share on my blog (so you better bop over there quick!) ;)

Other goodies came from Melissa Frances (5th Avenue patterned paper, resin frame, and crystals) and Crafty Secrets (Artsy Banner stamps and Tophat ABC stamps).

As you can see, I got an early start on next year's calendar. I thought it would be nice not to rush for once ... and I hope to get some special pages done for the inside. Maybe over the next few months I can do 2-3 pages each time and by the end of the year, the whole calendar will be ready for 2012.

- - - - - - - - - -

I hope my friends in the US had a wonderful 4th of July. Freedom is a beautiful thing!

I grew up in the American schools, so I know all about the war for independence and 1776 and George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and everybody else :) .. I even had to memorize the Pledge of Allegiance and ......... the Gettysburg Address (which is not related to 4th of July I know).
I still love every bit of American history I learned.

sorry for rambling!
hope your day is a wonderful one!

~ vi


  1. Great on getting started on your 2012 calendar! :) I like the dangly thingy on the card.
    ...fourscore and seven years ago... that's about all I remember now. :D

  2. This absolutely gorgeous Viola!!! Love all the painting and stitching and "bling heart" :) we all love a bit of bling! Take care x

  3. Stunning - I just love your style!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Thanks so much for sharing your amazing talent with us.

  5. Beautiful calendar cover. Love the crystals and the # stamps are great. Your butterfly card that is posted on Want2Scrap is lovely. Congratulations on being featured there! I left a comment there, as well. :)

  6. Beautiful! Love the painted areas and the chipboard too. Good luck on finishing it before 2012.

  7. Love this gorgeous painted look, you are so inspiring!!!

  8. The cover for your 2012 Calendar are gorgeous. I love how you "swiped" the white paint across it. I can never seem to get that step to look right. Sometimes I think I should just close my eyes and swipe, and not fuss about it!! As you work on your pages, I do hope you share them with us. Your work is so pretty.

  9. Beautiful project Vio! I love the acrylic paint touches and how you clipped the slide to just use as a heart embellishment ;)
    Hope you're feeling fully recovered btw!

  10. This is so gorgeous, Vio! Love all your fabulous details!

  11. Oh, the whole thing looks so very pretty!! If I were you, I think I would be instantly hooked on those Want2scrap goodies, too--love 'em!

  12. Viola we are so proud to have you as our guest designer this month! Your work is gorgeous and I love your calendar and butterfly card. Just absolutely beautiful!!! Job well done!

  13. Another stunner; I am in awe. This is pure it!

  14. like your new menu bar! Cool! :) It is meant to be lopsided? :D- See ya!

  15. What a gorgeous start to your calender, can't wait to see the rest over the next year! Love your machine stitching too, you did an awesome job with the scallops!(I know how long that can take!) I saw in your last post you had a relapse with the flu, I sure hope your feeling better!

  16. High fives, V, on that reference to Fourth of July. (Yes, I'm a year late.)


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