Thursday, July 21, 2011

~ Biddy Birds ~ Want2Scrap chipboard and Crafty Secrets

Another post today for Want2Scrap! Some delicious chipboard flourishes.........

I slopped on the white acrylic paint and sanded a little...

A few pearls, which are my favorite things ever, to splendify it.
(I just made up the word "splendify")

The cute row of little biddy birds come from Crafty Secrets' Birds and Blossoms creative scraps. They're so fat and funny, cute and gossipy-looking.

For the top trimmings, some soft tea lace, a paper doily, twine, trinket pin, and a rosebud.

Skipped the sentiment, because I felt those gossipy biddies shouldn't have any words put in their mouths. teehee!!

I tried "clean and simple" for this card. epic fail.
So I give up, and will go back to the cluttered look.

Well, for the past two weeks maybe, my creative-brain-juice (some people like to call it mojo) ran away... and I discovered, when something really wants to run away from you, you can't force it to come back.

So I laid back, took it easy on the crafting time, studied hard, practiced tons, did lots of graphic design work (check out Laurie's, Tammy's, and Pattie's blogs), cooked some nice food for my family, ate ice cream {MY FAVORITE} and accomplished lots of other things.

Then today all of a sudden it came back. IT = creative-brain-juice. YAY-HOO-WOO! So I hope I will have more to share in the coming days.

thanks for putting up with me and my chatter-box today.

~ vi


  1. So pretty! Love the book print and the birdies!!

  2. Dear Viola! I like your cards very much. And I was surprised that you are so young! Your works inspired me.I love your style!

  3. Viola, I just love your work. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Adorable, Viola! I'm glad your mojo came back, so we can all see your gorgeous creations again!

  5. Just adorable...mojo or not! Love the new blog banners over at the ladies blogs as well...makes me want to order another for Autumn!

  6. A total sweetie card Viola :) those birds are sooooo funny! Love them :) x

  7. So adorable! I lvoe those bitty birdies - so cutie ;)

  8. Sigh......What a lovely ,shabby card, Vio !!!I just melt when I see the twine , the rose , the backgrounds , pearls and the images that you mix so perfectly together !
    Hugs Rosa

  9. So cute, Vio - the bitty birds are better without a sentiment...LOL! I went through the same thing with "missing mojo" last week, but mine's back now, too...maybe they took a vacation together and forgot to tell us!

  10. Patty O'MalleyJuly 21, 2011 at 2:57 PM

    How sweet is this, Vio! I agree--no sentiment needed, they are saying enough! lol

  11. Another beautiful creation! Sometimes it's good to give the brain a crafty break, sounds like you had a nice few weeks! (Ice Cream would of been my favorite part too!)

  12. I love the soft and "frosted" look of the pastels and your birds are too cute...Another gorgeous card; love it!

  13. Epic fail?!? Oh you silly, silly girl! I just ADORE that lil card! Couldn't be any cuter! Anything and everything you do is just so lovely! :)


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