Thursday, April 28, 2011

~ Three Pink Cards ~ and burlap bundles

I read this today:
"Sorry I haven’t updated for so long!” - people who should delete their blog



Pinkness2a  Pinkness2c
I am indeed sorry that I have been away so long. I'm back today with a set of three cards using a soft color palette of off-white, kraft and pink, mixed with some pale olive.

The stamps are a mix of Crafty Secrets, Clear-and-Simple, and Papertrey. Trims are from Little Red Cottage, all the cute buttons from CSS, scrunchy ribbons and satin wings from MemrieMare, little roses and patterned papers from Prima... lots of other little bitties, so ask away if you want to know any more details.

Got some burlap going on the cards too. I think a few of you asked if we could have a burlap spree together, so I did grab a fat roll of it that day..... I'm dividing it up into 20x20cm squares and rolling them up for fun......

... with a few extra goodies. I'd love to send you one... you can find them here.


Dishes need to be washed, laundry finished, an etsy order to fill, so I'm going off.

I'll try to be back sometime soon!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

~ Fashion Inspired ~ and a handmade embellishment tutorial

Bramblewoodfashion1Pretty clothes! Pretty shoes! and such PRETTY colors! I love this beautiful collection............ so I made a card to match.


I was so *dancin' happy* to find that I had a sunshiney gingham patterned paper (from My Mind's Eye Stella and Rose collection) to match my fabrics! Totally fun.

Well if you want to make that fabric flower too, here's how:

Grab your trusty ole PaperTrey Ink large scalloped border die (doesn't everyone have one of those?)... And..... ignore the flower and pearl-button for a moment please. They aren't s'posed to be there.

Next step (use imagination) ... die-cut a strip of gingham using the border die <-- too obvious for words -- and then use the widest stitch (around size 4 perhaps) on your sewing machine........

see ^ like this ^

weeelll... I should have said this at the sewing-step, but since I didn't, I'll just sincerely hope at this point that you didn't double stitch the ends. They need to be loose and the threads free.

So, grab one end of the loose thread and pull it gently until the scalloped strip starts bunching and gathering. It will automatically (involuntarily perhaps) curl into a round.... just tease it a little here and there and it will be fine.

And all you have left to do is cobble on a cute flower and a button and a pearl on top (later I found out that the flower was actually two flowers kind of stuck together, so since I'd already stuck it on I separated the petals and made it add more "pouf" to the whole thing-y)

hey buddy. purty cute!

Stamps from BasicGrey and Crafty Secrets.

Can't wait to show you more, but time slips away from me EVERYDAY. how does it happen? Life's getting to a crazy fever-pitch ..... *groan*

Thinkin' of giving up this blogging madness.......


Sunday, April 17, 2011

~ A Card I Dislike ~ and one I do like, along with roses

I made a mad card. As in, really mad. Color-wise..........


Any-wise. (what do "antique bicycles" have to do with a "just because" card? Not sure that I know...)

Hummm. It doesn't look like me-style, but it will do.

Perhaps the wonky colors of the photo contributed to my irritation with this card. Sorry huh.....

Here's one not half so mad. I ~love~ those baby birds!


 And I love that sentiment too. Love sure does grow in my family's happy home! ;o)

Well, I am all tired out, so it's time to get ready for bed........ we had a long week taking care of a funeral, and I just didn't get much time to mess around with the craft stuff....

In the days ahead, I will be a busy girl, but I hope I will have time to pop in every few days to share something. I'll be back I promise.


Saturday roses for you..... courtesy of Dad, who got them for his darling (Mum)


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

~ Clear and Simple Stamps Group Challenge ~ Fun with Fabric


Second post of the day due to less-than-normal-brain-activity.........(I thot this post was due on the 15th, but to my horror, it is due on the 12th. Better get it in before the day is over, eeeek!)

Stamp of the day: Clear and Simple set On the Mend II..........

Fabric2 Fabric3
 Fabrics: gingham check, burlap, froggy feathers, and crochet trim. Nuff cloth? :o)


Same same...... but different.. shabby and cute! Each with it's own personality.

Fabric6  Fabric7
Hmm..... I think I want to hug these cards. They look like pillows of goodness.

I'll have a chocolate chip cookie before bed. Want to share with me?
here..... *crunch*

PS you wanna visit my CSS friends for more crafty ideas using fabric and this stamp set!!! :o)
Dana -- Kim -- Lori -- Ryann -- Cristina -- Tiffany -- Tracy

PSS you wanna pick up the new copy of PaperCrafts on April 15!! CSS has a second feature in it..... with links to some exclusive, exclusive projects...... *secret grins*CSS(bonuspage)MayJune

~ some small fun things ~

Oi, hello...

ETA: I am HORRIBLE and got the date wrong (I thot it was 15th instead of 12th, TODAY) for our Clear-and-Simple stamps group project. Pliz, forgive me and come back in a little bit for my fabric project!) *frowns at self* standard mid-week apology for lack of posts. By now you know how insincere these "sorry-sorry" things are so I'll skip that formality........

Here, to make up for my badness, something fun for you.

Have you ever visited a place called Michael's? I always hear you ladies in the US talking about Michael's this, Michael's that.... and I didn't even know who this guy is!

Anyway,  Patty {thank you!!} sent me some beautiful goodies from Michael's!!  And now I realize it's a store and not a fellow (hahaha and jk).

And this pretty little yellow posy comes from the Recollections line at Michael's.

 I heartlessly plucked it apart.... so I could do something with it.

..... stuffed a pink mulberry-hydrangea in between and glued the whole thing back together.

Made this:

Got scrunchy ribbon (aka seam binding)? use scraps (from failed bows -- whoops!) and cut leaves...


 More yummy-licious Pink Paislee die-cuts. Me love them die-cuts. ~love~

Newflower9 Newflower10

My Mind's Eye patterned papers here (Stella and Rose) ... Clear-and-Simple's buttons... and more...
Blue + pink = pretty........ yes?


Gotta go....... dinner is calling my name.

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