Saturday, July 30, 2011

~ Telegram ~ The Craft's Meow


..... It's day 3 for The Craft's Meow sneek peaks leading up to the August 1st release. This set is so special I've used it on almost every card I've made since I received it in the mail! :) You might have seen snippets of it on the cards posted the last two days of sneek peaks. It's called Telegram and is so unique.


My favorite part of this stamp set has got to be the running dashed line you see right on the bottom of this card...... it looks so official and such :) There are so many options with this lovely set..... make it clean and simple, or vintage mail. However you please.



Would you like to WIN this new set, before everyone else has a chance to purchase one? If you hop on over to the TCM blog and leave a comment there, you might be the winner picked today and announced tomorrow. The TCM blog has a complete list of all the ladies going to be sharing projects today so make sure you take a moment to check out the blogs linked here.

I will be sure to be showcasing this set MANY more times in the near future :)

happy day!

Friday, July 29, 2011

~ You're an A+ Friend ~ The Craft's Meow


Day 2 of sneak peeks for The Craft's Meow........... our stamp set for today is another cute one called Owl See You in Class ....... how fun does that sound!

It includes that teensy chalkboard, pencil, and even the little sum. Below you can see the cursive lines also in the set.


The "sent to you with love" circle stamp image is from another set due to be revealed on August 1 as well. no clues about it yet though :) .... sneak peek for that one will be two days from now.



Would you like to WIN this new set, before everyone else has a chance to purchase one? :) If you hop on over to the TCM blog and leave a comment there, you might be the winner picked today and announced tomorrow. The TCM blog has a complete list of all the ladies going to be sharing projects today so make sure you take a moment to check out the blogs linked here.

thanks for visiting.......... enjoy this super day!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

~ A Little Picket Fence ~ The Craft's Meow

First day preview for The Craft's Meow August release... I am SUPER excited!!!


Today's stamp set is a cute little one called Owl Be Thinking of You and it's filled to the brim with the funniest owls and images...... lots of goodies.

I know my cutesy cards always somehow come out a little bit too lame....... LOL.... so I went with what my head was trying to tell me, and got a bit more innovative. From a little hanging sign included in the set (you'll have to wait till August 1 to see the full image) I created a little picket fence.


The little heart print and sentiment both also come from this set. Even if you aren't the cutesy type, give this set a try...... lots of things can be imagined and created from the stamps provided.


CLOUDS!!! can you see the faint outline trimming the top of the card? those are totally cute clouds included in this set. Wait till you see the rest of the stamps!


Would you like to WIN this new set, before everyone else has a chance to purchase one? :) If you hop on over to the TCM blog (link edited... thank you for letting me know!) and leave a comment there, you might be the winner picked today and announced tomorrow. The TCM blog has a complete list of all the ladies going to be sharing projects today (I'm not linking here cos I'm not sure which of the DT members will be posting today), so make sure you take a moment to check out the blogs linked here.

Happy hopping!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

~ Frames and Scraps ~ Crafty Secrets Mini Scraps

Hello weekend! It's totally AMAZING how fast the days pass....... and how old I grow. Can you hear my knees creaking?

Now that was really random, so let's look at the card instead.


This first card uses goodies from Crafty Secretsgold rose vine trim ...........


........... and mini vintage creative scraps ............. along with a few other trims and bits.


this other card uses fancy gold lace trim ............


 fancy corners and trims ............


and embossed frames, which I stamped with some leaf vines. The vine stamp set will be released soon! :)


all other goodies from Melissa Frances (resin and crystal chandelier drops), Prima (flowers), Pink Paislee (patterned paper), and MemrieMare (ribbon).


hope you're having a wonderful weekend. I'm off to spend the day with my sisters and our friends....

~ vi

Thursday, July 21, 2011

~ Biddy Birds ~ Want2Scrap chipboard and Crafty Secrets

Another post today for Want2Scrap! Some delicious chipboard flourishes.........

I slopped on the white acrylic paint and sanded a little...

A few pearls, which are my favorite things ever, to splendify it.
(I just made up the word "splendify")

The cute row of little biddy birds come from Crafty Secrets' Birds and Blossoms creative scraps. They're so fat and funny, cute and gossipy-looking.

For the top trimmings, some soft tea lace, a paper doily, twine, trinket pin, and a rosebud.

Skipped the sentiment, because I felt those gossipy biddies shouldn't have any words put in their mouths. teehee!!

I tried "clean and simple" for this card. epic fail.
So I give up, and will go back to the cluttered look.

Well, for the past two weeks maybe, my creative-brain-juice (some people like to call it mojo) ran away... and I discovered, when something really wants to run away from you, you can't force it to come back.

So I laid back, took it easy on the crafting time, studied hard, practiced tons, did lots of graphic design work (check out Laurie's, Tammy's, and Pattie's blogs), cooked some nice food for my family, ate ice cream {MY FAVORITE} and accomplished lots of other things.

Then today all of a sudden it came back. IT = creative-brain-juice. YAY-HOO-WOO! So I hope I will have more to share in the coming days.

thanks for putting up with me and my chatter-box today.

~ vi

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Crafty Secrets Creative Mini-Scraps *WINNERS*

Just popping back in quickly to share the two winners of the little share-away here. picked #25..........
i would love to have one of these collections. i admire the card that you made with them.Posted by: f lynn rush | Thursday, 14 July 2011 at 12:44 AM

and #44.............
What a fun giveaway! Love anything from Crafty Secrets, and it's no wonder she asked you to help after looking at your amazing blog designs you do! Very talented lady I must say. Would love to win, keeping my fingers crosssed.Posted by: Lea Sorley | Friday, 15 July 2011 at 04:38 AM

I would like to thank Miss Lea Sorley for the wonderful designation of "lady"...... it makes me feel nice and grand. :) Seriously, thank you all for your nice comments that day. It really was just one little card.. I'm so glad you all liked it (if you were speaking truthfully) ;)

thank you again..... this was super fun and we'll do it again for sure.~ vi

~ Crafty Secrets Design Team Challenge ~ New Product Showoffs! and a tutorial

Howdy Monday! It's DT-challenge day for Crafty Secrets and we're going to show the new goodies that have recently been released: lots of stamp sets, mini creative scraps and other stuff.

My project used the new Born to Fly stamp set ....... looky at it in all its cute glory!

I paper pieced one of the little girls. It was dreadfully fun, and I'm going to show you how...... 

*TUTORIAL DISCLAIMER* I know I did a not-so-great job on this. It was so befuddling to have to stop at every step and take a photo, so inevitably, I missed out on a few things. Hope you won't notice though :) 

First, let's make the fairy.

Now, we assemble the card.
CSfairy2 Next, we dress up the card with a few fun things..........
CSfairy3There it is..... a silly little tutorial I hope you had the patience to run through. I'm not quite sure if it was helpful to you, but if anything, you probably learned something of my creative process. It's called Disorganized Chaos. (truthfully, I rarely plan the whole card out or use sketches. I use whatever comes to my whim and fancy at the moment in time).

Just a few more photos and I'll be done.


patterned paper and resin embellishment - Melissa Frances
scrunchy ribbon - PLG shop
rhinestones and pearls - Kaisercraft
other - doily, button, twine, lace trim snips, and Crafty Secrets stamp set

Thank you for visiting! now you want to hop on to the rest of the DT ladies' blogs and see what's up their crafty sleeves.

happy hugs,
~ Vi

Thursday, July 14, 2011

~ Blue Wednesday ~ Crafty Secrets mid-week mini-scraps

***Quick! the Crafty Secrets' blog is having giveaways of the new stamp sets the whole week long. Click HERE to participate! And scroll down to read more about my own giveaway***

Hello! I am sorry for my absence the last few days. There's really no reason except that I felt lazy and didn't want to create much, and even when I did, I didn't want to post... =)

Anyway, I mentioned a while back about the Mini Creative Scraps I helped to design for Crafty Secrets:


Well, I didn't do everything, all and all myself.. it would have been impossible without the hard work of Sandy, the owner of Crafty Secrets, and Cindy, her amazing graphic designer. I just pitched in and did my little bit to conceptualize and collage.


Here is my first project using the awesome little scraps. The 1" squares are SO fun to piece together!!! I also used some patterns from the Vintage Patterns CD and a cute little sentiment from the all new Born to Fly stamp set!

Isn't that cute? I love all the different "fairy-options" and the special sentiments. I've already made another project that I will share on Monday next week with a step-by-step tutorial. (OOPS! I spilled the beans!)

Can you see the gentle shine over some of the mini-scrap squares? Those are epoxies that fit perfectly over the mini scraps. Fun!!!

I guess you should get some Mini Creative scraps and have some fun yourself too........ I'm just so excited about them them, and I have two extra sets that I would love to share. If you care to try them out, please let me know. I will draw two comments from this post on Sunday, and let you know who they are on Monday. (I already wish that I had enough to send to everyone who leaves a comment!!!)

Thank you for stopping by!


Saturday, July 9, 2011

~ Recycle and Refresh ~ embellished tin pail

For having used the word "recycle" I really should have the *original* item as proof, but I can't ever remember to take a photo before I get started on a project (I'm brilliant like that).

anyway, it all started with a shiny tin pail and some un-pretty print on it that I didn't like.

All it took was some FolkArt paint by Plaid (I used Basil Green and Wicker White) to change up the silly little tin into something fun!

Prima fabric flowers and rhinestones .. beautiful ribbons from dear Miss Kim Duran (so many lovely colors to choose from in her etsy shop) ..

And some very, very special trinket pins from sweet Miss Patty. Thank you so much Patty..... I have been saving them for ever so long, waiting on the perfect project. Here they are, mixed with a few of my own berry pins.

(I decided that if trinket pins can go right side up, they can go upside down too)

Other goodies from Melissa Frances (resin keyhole) and Want2Scrap (chipboard swirl).

thank you for visiting!

~ vi

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

~ 2012 Calendar ~ Want2Scrap guest designing

Today i:

~ felt grungy and therefore made grungy things. (okay, not grungy, but I'm getting tired of saying "shabby" so I need to find a new word)

~ stamped with paint ~ messy but fun!


~ hung a heart in a frame and I feel so pleased about it (nothing is prettier than a bling-y heart)

~ cut out rose motifs from scraps of cloth and sprinkled them with pearls ...

The lovely ladies at Want2Scrap invited me to guest-design for them this July. I have never before used their chipboard and goodies, but they got me started and I am afraid I am hooked. Here is a list of the Want2scrap goodies I used for this project:

~ scalloped chipboard album
~ chipboard embellishments
~ rhinestone heart

I painted the chipboards with wicker-white acrylic paint (FolkArt) and sanded it before stitching and embellishing. The rhinestone heart was originally a ribbon slide, but it was easy to clip off the "slide" section.


Visit the Want2Scrap blog today for more information about this calendar, AND photos and details of another project I am not going to share on my blog (so you better bop over there quick!) ;)

Other goodies came from Melissa Frances (5th Avenue patterned paper, resin frame, and crystals) and Crafty Secrets (Artsy Banner stamps and Tophat ABC stamps).

As you can see, I got an early start on next year's calendar. I thought it would be nice not to rush for once ... and I hope to get some special pages done for the inside. Maybe over the next few months I can do 2-3 pages each time and by the end of the year, the whole calendar will be ready for 2012.

- - - - - - - - - -

I hope my friends in the US had a wonderful 4th of July. Freedom is a beautiful thing!

I grew up in the American schools, so I know all about the war for independence and 1776 and George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and everybody else :) .. I even had to memorize the Pledge of Allegiance and ......... the Gettysburg Address (which is not related to 4th of July I know).
I still love every bit of American history I learned.

sorry for rambling!
hope your day is a wonderful one!

~ vi

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

~ Brand New ~ Crafty Secrets digital CD and more

Hanging crystals 3
... and time for some new Crafty Secrets projects.

Here's a list of the supplies I used on this card:
Creating with Vintage Patterns CD ~ gorgeous patterned papers, you will love them!
embossed frames ~ twelve in a pack .. they will last for ever so long
Love and Support stamp set ~ one of my favorite sentiments ..

Hanging crystals 2  Hanging crystals 1
I will end here today as I had a flu relapse over the weekend. This morning in music lesson my teacher was chiding me for remaining sick the whole week .. he thought I might faint during the lesson lol.

we'll see how it goes from here.

thanks for visiting.
~ vi
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