Tuesday, August 23, 2011

~ Crafty Secrets Design Team Challenge ~ Fairies


Hi friends! I was hibernating last week, hence the lack of posts. You didn't know I was a bear, did you. Bears eat a whole lot, then sleep for a long time.

Well, i am alive again in time for Crafty Secret's design team challenge: Fairies...


(I'm not quite sure if those are angels or fairies, but um, let's pretend they are fairies for now)

Crafty Secrets' supplies: Angel Blessings stamp set, Vintage Patterns CD paper, embossed frames.


Others: Prima flower and lace trim, Simple Treasures ribbon.


that's my contribution for the team challenge....... do visit the other Crafty Secrets DT members for more fairy-inspiration!

Crafty Secrets
Heartwarming Vintage blog

I'll try to be back at this blog soon. God has given me new responsibilities and priorities, which I am truly thankful for. But I will be back, promise! :) (and in case you didn't know, i was actually lying about the hibernating part).

love lots,

~ Vi

Friday, August 12, 2011

~ Crafty Secrets Love You ~ and the giveaway winner


I've been keeping busy creating some samples for a kit club I am guest-designing for in September. sooooo fun and I cannot wait to show you. But I have to wait :) ....... so for today, a simple little card to share.


some supplies: Crafty Secrets Love You Mother stamp set, Vintage Patterns printed paper, and Love Mail creative scraps; MemrieMare ribbons; other ~ burlap, trinket pins, mini spools, and twine.


That's my share for the day. Hope you're having a marvelous midweek.

Now on to a winner for a couple day's back giveaway.........

I feel soooo evil to only have one winner! wish I had more stuff to give away :(
Without further chat, here is what random.org gave me (on my first try! LOL!).........


The winner of the shabby kit giveaway is:

The items in this kit look so beautiful and anything that you used would definitely be fabulous! Thanks for the chance to win!
Posted by: Shirley N | Wednesday, 10 August 2011 at 02:58 AM

Shirley, if you will email me I will get your kit posted to you.

bye everyone. be good.

~ vi

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

~ Crafty Kits giveaway ~

* Today marks 46 years since my country Singapore won it's independence and established itself as a tough little nation. I am so, so grateful for the wise leaders we have and the blessings of God. Happy National Day to my fellow Singaporeans! *


Let me thank you all for helping me with my stash... I was sleepy when I last posted, and didn't get down half of what I wanted to say, but still I was so thrilled that there were those of you who picked up a kit for yourself. Eight kits sold quickly, and I have one left (more on that below). Maybe some time soon I will get to sort my stamps, and give away some of them too.

Well, I think the furniture in my room is breathing ginormous sighs of relief after piles and piles of scraps and crafty things were unloaded from it. I have to tell you that I share a bedroom with my four older sisters, and while they very graciously allow me to make HUGE MESSES at my table and throw scraps all over the floor, I don't want to tax their kindness...... so occasionally I have to do a big clean-up. That's what I did last weekend, but now the state of things have already begun to regress into a pile of rubble........ HELP!

Okay, I don't have an actual project to share today (just lots of chatter, if you can tell).. but I have one more crafty kit...............


..........that I think I want to share with somebody who is very nice. Might be you! :)



It has a Melissa Frances glitter pack (YUM!) .......... and a fourteen-piece Melissa Frances tag set (seven small and seven large of each). Some pretty flowers, tea-stained trim, burlap trim, doilies, an embossed frame, a satin bird, and maybe some extra things tucked in. Oh, and twenty 6x6 pieces of patterned papers in warm browns, olives and aquas. PRETTY!

If it interests you just a teensy-weensy bit to have some stash to make fun things, tell me so in the comments. I would love to send this to anyone who wants it. Will pick a random winner tomorrow when (and if) I post again.... we'll see.



Before I go, I just want to share two new bloggers with you all: Patty O'Malley and Rosa Philippe are two wonderful ladies who recently began their own blogging journey. If you have a moment, stop by and check out their blogs! I am so excited for them.

Have a super day!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

~ Crafty Kits ~ handmade bundles and Want2Scrap card

I've been having fun this week helping my brother and his wife paint their new apartment and prepare it for them to move in next week. Everyday was spent hanging out with my siblings and our in-laws (who are also some of our best friends)....... painting the walls and cleaning. My older sisters took leave from work to sew curtains. I guess my brother and his wife now know that it's a good thing to have many siblings when you need that much help ;)

Anyway, yesterday I took a break from the cleaning stuff and stayed home for the day, and while trying to find my only pair of scissors on my uber-messy-cluttered-untidy table....... I finally caved in and decided to spring-clean (that's a rare moment of brilliance on my part). I dug EVERYTHING out of my craft cupboard and packed my whole table and sorted every piece of paper I have ever seen in my life. It left me with an enormous pile of scraps that were so cute, but would definitely last me for three or more lifetimes.

What does a girl do then?

1. Make cute crafty kits.



2. Share... (I threw in some vintage trims, posies, a couple of stamp sets, tags, and cute embellishments) ... cause I really need to declutter, and I hope some of you can give these kits a happy new home.


(If you don't have an etsy acc, but still want to have one of the kits for yourself, don't hesitate to email and let me know your pick ... will be glad to save whatever is available for you)


Wanted to show you what I did with some of the scraps that you might find in one of these kits...



Just pieced some springy-colored scraps together for a cute card.


Used some delish Want2Scrap goodies here (blingy butterfly and chipboard swirl)


Back to the painting I go...

Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

~ Baby Girl Love ~ A Passion for Stamps


I love babies. They smell so fresh (probably due to their nice mommies who put nice-smelling things on them) and are so cuddly! <love>

Today I have this one little card to share, with these darling baby booties......

Baby bootieswmkd

Miss Ruth over at A Passion for Stamps sent me a couple of her wonderful hand-drawn digital stamps to try out. Definitely a keeper! How cute is it? :)


Trimmed with a little lace and some bling ~ The other stamps are from Crafty Secrets goodies...... will link up just as soon as the stamps are ready and available for purchase.


Hope you're having a wonderful day. If you have a baby anywhere near you, kiss for me please :)


Monday, August 1, 2011

~ The Craft's Meow August Release ~ Blog Hop


It's a SUPER fun day! blog hop time and August release of four new and very cute stamp sets, which we have been previewing the last four days:

Owl Be Thinking of You

Owl See You in Class


In Tandem

For today's card, I chose to use "Telegram"...... my favorite of the four, I think :)



Supplies: Telegram stamp set ~ Prima papers, flowers and lace trim ~ chipboard, bling, and butterfly ~ scrunched seam binding 



Here's a blog-hop list for you to follow in case you got lost......

The Craft's Meow Blog

Alice Wertz

Amy Tsuruta

Cindy Haffner

Ivana Camdzic

Jenny Suchin

Jessica Fick

Julie Ranae

Kim Yu

Lindsay Amrhein

Lynn Miller

Michelle Bertuzzi

Nina Brackett

Patti J Gilliam

Sarah Martina Parker

and yours truly is the last member of the hop! from here, head back to the TCM blog and leave a comment there for a chance to win ALL FOUR NEW STAMP SETS! YAY!

happy hopping!

~ In Tandem ~ The Craft's Meow


Ever ridden a tandem bike? I loved it so much when I was a little bit smaller. Being the two youngest of 10 children always meant me and my little brother were the tiniest (for many years at least; he's now the tallest of the guys and I'm the tallest of the girls) ........ and we'd trail in the back with Mom when the family went cycling. Riding tandem with the older ones was the only sure way to keep up! :) Eventually though, everyone got tall enough that tandem bikes usually meant wrecks and crashes all along the way. HA!

Anyway, back to the subject....... today is the final sneak peek day for The Craft's Meow. Didn't the last few days projects from the TCM team make you drool? You'll love the sets when they're revealed in full tomorrow. Today's stamp set is called In Tandem and it has that old-fashioned tandem bicycle which I overloaded with flowers and trim.



At the bottom of the card you can see more of the Telegram set which was previewed in my last post.

Would you like to WIN this new set, before everyone else has a chance to purchase one? :) If you hop on over to the TCM blog and leave a comment there, you might be the winner picked today and announced tomorrow. The TCM blog has a complete list of all the ladies going to be sharing projects today so make sure you take a moment to check out the blogs linked here.

have a super, wonderful, best day ever.

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