Sunday, February 20, 2011

~ Spring Colors ~ laundry line card

I hear spring is coming in America.
And I kind of wish we had our spring here too -- instead of our year-round monsoons and blazing heat.

I do know what spring is, and I love the flowers and everything new that comes with it. And the colors are my favorite.

Something made for my best friend...


... the clothesline and sentiment seem unrelated... most of all for teenagers like me and my bestie, but believe me, they are totally relevant to us and somewhat symbolic :D ... it's a long story so I won't go there.

And then. Well, I love flowers, all kinds and all colors... but roses are my favorite, and any kind in pink. So I love to browse bouquet-photos and save them for color inspiration. And...

I made a card to go with it.... with my very own rose. Rolled from tea-dyed lace trim and tucked with pearls.


And then. One more...

 Something simple, with burlap and a cherub too...

I'm so tired now that I'm almost incoherent. Pardon me and let me skip off to bed..



  1. Lovely and soothing

  2. I'm always inspired when I visit here... such delicate beauty!

  3. Precious cards........and, oh, those colors! They are my favorites. I didn't see if you mentioned what you used for the clothesline, but I would love to know.
    Cheryl L.

  4. I just love your style and color choices! You do beautiful work and I always love coming to look at your creations.

  5. Beautiful cards! Love the flower you made from lace.

  6. Soft, pretty cards! Love you work and style :)

  7. These cards are simply beautiful! The lace flower is awesome!

  8. So lovely, once again, Viola. Your bits of trim and lace here and there really make everything special. I'm gettin some of my own real soon. Tomorrow is the big 47 for me...the best part of that will be a little birthday crafting cash (and, OF COURSE, the hugs and kisses from my sweet hubby and kids!!!). Some new trims and appliques are at the top of my shopping list! I'll be checking out the etsy store you mentioned a few posts back! Lovely post!!!

  9. Your handmade lace flower is to die for; wow! And your cards? Perfection in every detail and gorgeous; as always :)!!!

  10. So pretty Viola! I always look forward to seeing new stuff u put online. U inspire me!!

  11. Yuuumm. I love them all! So sweet and vintage inspired.. my favourite colours to use crafting!

  12. So gorgeous...just the perfect touches on all of your new designs!!!

  13. Thanks for stopping by at my blog...yes I did the little roses myself...and for your project, I love the colors and the style on this! so inspiring..

  14. Hi, I LOVE your cards and your style!! I love roses too!! Am glad I found your blog. Will link it to mine. Thanks for visiting my blog, yeah!! Hugs from Singapore. Take care :)

  15. oh how fabulous, miss vio! your first card is so adorabley cute! i love your rolled lace flower with the pearls tucked inside. that is so yummy and beautiful! love it! always love the wonderful lace and trims you use. i gotta go look for some cause they are hard to find here. thanks for sharing!!! *hugs* steph :)

  16. So beautiful, especially that lace flower with those pearls. Thanks for sharing.

  17. This is my first visit to your blog but not the last. I love all the flowers and lace you use and then the burlap which is a contrast to the girly feel of your cards. Great work. Love them.

  18. WHY did I not find you sooner? I LOVE reading what you write! ~special smiles~


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