Thursday, January 13, 2011

~ A Bitty Inspiration Book ~

Today I have a mini, fatty book created from a paper sack and bitty glassine baggies to share with you - something I created a while back. I love using my sewing machine (or more accurately, my sister's sewing machine) to stitch away on paper --- makes it double the fun --- and I so love the texture created by the stitches.

Here's the front, with the cute little dragonfly and it's rose-head. yes, very peculiar I admit, but cute nonetheless. little bits of vintage trim, silk ribbon, and scraps of patterned paper come together in a miniii-book --

Take a peek inside, before I chatter on... simple sentiments and pretty things to cheer the heart -

... a sweet little tissue flower with felt, a button, and a brad...

and of all surprises, I finally found these Prima hydrangeas... somewhere in the mess of my table...


Felt!! and how wonderfully the PTI dies cut through them...
And, yeah, below I messed up on the stamping a little bit. Do not judge unless you are the queen of perfect stamping.

... and this is the last page. the tag you see peeking out holds two trinket pins for the recipient's use, and the pocket is created from the base of the paper bag (know what I mean? the doily covers the actual base of the bag). if you don't understand, I'll try to explain again properly next time.

See what a fatty it became!! it can't even stay shut-- how dreadful.
here's why... taggies, with ribbons and lace, in the pocket-pages... (you can see them peeking out in the photo above)


for a sweet, crafty friend to use on her projects.. she let me know just yesterday that she'd received the bitty book, so now I can share it with you all.

that's it from me today.
~ Vi


  1. Viola, this is gorgeous! Your work is excellent! Happy day to you friend!

  2. Oh, let's just call it "chubby", shall we...and ADORABLE...that would be a fitting name!! Love it! All the colors, trims and other embellishments just look like they were meant for eachother. I've missed at least one other post...looks like your big news...gotta run check it out!! LOVE this!!

  3. Wow! How adorable is this?!? I just love everything that you do!

  4. Great little book Viola. Love the pretty tags that fit right inside the pockets. :)

  5. Viola, you are the kindest, sweetest person! I am sure Rosa just loves this beautiful book you made for her. Thank you for spreading your joy to others.

  6. what beautiful cards I love them ! I hope one day mine ar as nice as your are. I would love for you to come and visit and become my follower as well.
    ~God Bless~

  7. This project is one of my favorites. I love every piece and bit of it. Wow! And those tags are to die for. I'm smitten!

  8. Wonderful creation, there's such a lovely lightness to your work! You're so kind to make it for your friend Rosa. I'm sure she will treasure it.

  9. So beautiful! I love the soft pinks and greens with the kraft! Swoon!

  10. I do't know what to say , Vio, i'm stunned , you have taken so much of your precious time to refer to my crafts and story, tomorrow comes my help for cleaning and ironing , and i hope she can deliver my card for you at the post office ! Mean while i started a very complicated tagholder booklet .Made out of only 3 small envelopes . Glued together the right way , it took me three hours trying !!!, gives place for at least 22 tags !!
    Your sweet treasure-book is the first item i see before i start crafting , it gives me such a good feeling to start ! Rosa

  11. Adorable packaging! Love this book!
    You gave me an idea, i'll make something similar. Thank you!

  12. Its beautiful! :) I'm sure Rosa will love it! :)


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