Wednesday, January 26, 2011

~ One Card, Four Colors ~ Replicating a Layout

Remember this? :) my zoo-py little zebra has a new home and the card is sailing over the sea to a wonderful etsy customer. She asked me to make three more of these valentines, each one different and special, and here they are. Valentine-blossom-collages:

 Each one is created with patterned paper, stitched to the card and a hand-cut glittered heart frame, with a crepe-tissue, chipboard flower and little bits added here and there. I love using scrunchy bows.. but something tells me that the more you pay for the ribbon, the better bows they make. I'll let you know when my next order comes in and I confirm my belief :)

I hope she will enjoy sending the valentines.

my mum asked why she needed FOUR. and I said something like "Mum, I think in the US they send valentines to all their friends, not just to their sweetheart." .... *laughter*

is that true?

the cherry-pink, summery shabby blossom bundle...


and more of these, as I promised...

 thank you, dears for everything you do ... and for dropping by...

~ vi


  1. So pretty! I just love your style! My eyes are just gobbling up all this shabby sweetness!
    As a U.S. citizen, I confirm the fact that we send valentines to all our loved ones. :)

  2. There is an award for you waiting on my blog. I case you are wondering why:).....because you're such an inspiration. This post blew me away; gorgeous!

  3. So beautiful Viola. Love the same card LO in different papers. I am sure she will love them.
    Yes, we give Valentines to everyone here in the US. Kids even exchange them in school.
    Great little sets for your Etsy. You are doing well with your store. I am happy for you. :)

  4. Patty O'MalleyJanuary 26, 2011 at 4:38 PM

    Gorgeous cards, Viola! I enjoy coming by your blog so much. The people receiving these cards are so lucky!

  5. Hey, Viola!! Looks like you have been hard at work! Everything looks so pretty! Sounds like your shop is doing well! How exciting!! Hope you made it through your weekend o.k.--I was thinking of you! And I saw your comment on my blog--thanks so much, my faithful friend!! Have a great day!!

  6. They are so pretty! Viola, you are seriously talented. Haha. I hope you do this for a long time from now. (: Love seeing your creations. :D

  7. oh miss vio, you are just so very talented! i love your beautiful valentine's day cards. they just make my jaw drop in awe of their beauty. thank you so much for sharing with us! *hugs* steph :)

  8. Miss Viola you are filled with such talent and your creations are as pretty as I am sure you are inside and out! I love how you cut your doily and put a portion in each of the creative you are! :)


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