Friday, January 21, 2011

~ Brown Sugar and Cinnamon ~ Embellished Donut wrappers

Good day to you --

guess what...

Yesterday my awesome sister made some doughnuts. doughnutty-doughnuts, with brown sugar and cinnamon. I can taste it just telling you about it.

well, I can't bear to be unkind and talk about doughnuts when you can't taste them with me, so I'll move on.

we wanted to pack some of the doughnuts for some nice ladies who totally deserve them. donuts... who doesn't love them!! So I had a brainwave to use my bitty glassine sacks to pack them... and adorn with fun bits of doilies, patterned paper, baker's twine, scrunchy ribbon, and lil tags and flowers.



And, a card created for mum to send to a special sister who needs prayer..


Patterned paper from BasicGrey's curio collection, a chipboard frame from this etsy store... and scrunched seam binding, roses, posies, buttons, brads, a trinket pin, and more...

I have to run now, but I'll be back soon.
Thank you for dropping by!

p/s -- just because I can, and I feel like being mean to you... :) because they're awesomely good and you can be awesomely jealous...

brown sugar. cinnamon. nothing like it.

I'm going to have one now.

*munch munch*

~ vi


  1. I am a 1st time visitor, but let me assure you I will be checking back every day. (Sarah Martin posted about you today.) I am glad she did. I completely went through all your blog posts.
    I can't believe you are only 18. You have a great design eye! Loved looking at all your creations.
    P.S. Those doughnuts look good too. Makes me want one.

  2. You are just so incredibly sweet and thoughtful! I bet the ladies loved their treat bags and the delicious donuts. How nice of both you and your sister.

  3. I wish my music students would bring me doughnuts!!
    Beautiful work, as always!!

  4. Viola...please forgive me for not visiting earlier...I've been so stinkin' busy!! And, darn it...look at all the beautiful creations I've missed!! Your packages look DIVINE!! That card is probably one of my favorites yet...but then again...the one in the post before this is just as lovely. I also really like what you submitted for Mona's challenge--so bold for you...although you held fast to that true Viola softness--even with RED!! I was hoping to finally get in on one of her challenges--I'm almost done with my project--but I'm also almost out of time!! Better get going! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful work once again!!! Have a great day!!

  5. You're KILLING me with those donuts! Oh my goodness, those look amazing! Your crafty goodness looks just as sweet!

  6. Hi Viola! Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog! Wow, I am glad I made some cherry cupcakes a few minutes ago - your donuts make me drool!!! And your little projects are beautiful! Love what I see here :)

  7. I know for sure that i would eat at least 6 donuts if they were all wrapped up as gorgeous as these.....:)
    I love this project and your cards are fabulous; as usual!

  8. Such a tease with the doughnuts...they look absolutely delicious, and what a beautiful way to package them!

  9. Yummy, not only does the donut look delicious but the packaging and card look divine! Fabulous job!

  10. Oh my! I love everything about this. The wooden crate, the delicious doughnuts, the lovely packaging you made. Do you have a recipe for those doughnuts? They look so good!!!

  11. Goodness me! I would have died and went to heaven if I received one of those yummy donuts! I'm a real sweet hound! Are the donuts easy to make?

  12. oh those doughnuts look yummy! they look like malasadas! what a sweet treat wrapped in your amazing crafty goodness. love your card! you are just amazing, miss vio! *hugs* steph :)


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