Tuesday, March 15, 2011

~ Clear and Simple Stamps Group Challenge ~ Stylish Gift Cards

CSSStylishGiftCardsIt's time for our monthly CSS group challenge!! We're showing you gift card holders today using the March SOTM Just My Style ...... and it's going to be sooo much fun!

But first, let me tell you that I don't know what a gift card is. In other words, I've never received one. so if you have any extras, please send them to me -- then in future, I will have a reference point for a challenge like this one. that would be really, really nice of you .. ;)

But anyway, since it is my BFF's birthday today, and I wanted a place to put [my own version of] a gift card in, I used a recycled box (heee :) to dress up and tuck away the special thingy.

Believe me, it works just as well as any NORMAL gift card holder. it's just a different shape. (but didn't I just say that I don't know what a gift card [holder] is supposed to look like?) *shakes head in confusion*

See? there's a nice hidey-place for the gift card. Actually I wanted to give her a little ummm, money :) for her birthday (cos it's the best thing to do when you've forgotten to get a gift and there's no time left) ... but as I looked in my wallet, and in my drawer, and under the bed, and in the roof, I couldn't find any cash anywhere. *sigh* ... so I used a scrap of paper and wrote a gift card (a.k.a. redemption coupon) for the amount she could claim from me at a future date.

note to all peeps reading this: I am not a verrry good example, so don't save this idea to do it to your own BFFs.


The cutie sentiment is from Just My Style .. if you check out the set, you can see there's even a lovely $ sign to use on real, proper gift card holders. But since mine isn't, I didn't desecrate the stamp by using it.

Stashed-away-for-a-long-time flowers + trinket pin + felt + lace trim + stitching + tiny tag + scrunchy ribbon = deco for my gift card holder.

and I made a card to match:

These sentiments are from the Kind Deeds set -- I love their versatility and wide range of use for so many occasions -- the top and bottom line are separate stamps and can be mixed and matched with the others in the set.

Yesterday I splashed out in the rain puddles to the mailbox to get these goodies off to my friend for her b'day... I so hope the mail will be as reliable as they claim it is and she gets them today.

Okies then, hop on to these other ladies' lovely blogs and see what they've been up to, making for our group challenge......

Dana -- Kim -- Lori -- Ryann -- Cristina -- Simone -- Tiffany

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And I have another card to share, with some new goodies I got from Emma's Paperie .. My Mind's Eye and Crafty Secrets all mixed in, and the sentiment from CSS ........ and the colorful bow was made with scraps of scrunchy ribbon. I love the rainbow hues! :)

 last thing --- a peek at a project I'm working on but haven't completed. I'll show you more in a few days.

feelin' happy today.......

~ vi


  1. oh vio!! hello from australia (yes i am here for a vacation so not in sg :))
    so beautiful!! i ordered some CSS before i left, but now i am regretting not getting kind deeds! i also have a second+third order from emma's paperie waiting for me at home, they are ran by such lovely people! this community of scrappers + cardmakers and all so far have been absolute darlings! :)

  2. how lovely my dear :) and any bff would love your gift! The present is truly the beautiful detail you put into creating it! Absolutely Beautiful!!!!

  3. Your BFF is truly blessed to receive such beautiful goodies.. thank you for sharing them on your blog.
    Keep practicing so your teacher will smile big!

  4. That box is divine, Viola! And a matching card, too? You really took it up a notch for this. Stunning, as always.

  5. Love this card and gift box Vio - oh so pretty ;)
    Hope your studies go well!

  6. All so beautiful Vio...such a breath of fresh air visiting your sweet blog.
    Good luck with your studies.

  7. gorgeous creations, love your gift card holder. School comes first, study up!

  8. Such wonderful creations. i dont think your Bff will mind that you put your own coupon in there- the box is beautiful! ans the card to match..wow!
    Thanks for the inspiration! look forward to seeing you back here in a few days. Happy practicing:)

  9. Good luck with your studies Miss Vio. I love to visit your blog; it's always inspiring to see what you have created.

  10. That peek makes me sigh already....
    I love your card and gift card holder. I would be over the moon if I would get this. It's a gift of its own and that would be more than enough for me :)
    All these lovely embellishments; the flowers, lace, doily...I'm smitten!

  11. Patty O'MalleyMarch 16, 2011 at 2:57 PM

    I would be just thrilled to have that beautiful box empty, so I'm sure your friend will treasure it and the card. The other card is beautiful--love that rainbow bow! Can't wait to see the full reveal of your sneak peek!

  12. Patty O'MalleyMarch 16, 2011 at 2:59 PM

    Forgot to add--a gift card looks like a credit card for a particular store, restaurant, etc.

  13. Wow, your creations are truly stunning. Anyone would be overjoyed to receive such a gift. Best wishes for your exam!

  14. I just love that little gift box! It is so adorable, your friend is going to treasure it. Recycling never looked so good!

  15. Love your little trinket card box and card too! :)

  16. I just love your blog!-you never fail to bring a smile to my face, sometimes it's your beautiful creations, other times it's your fun way of saying things and sometimes it's both!!

  17. Your little box is a gift in itself, it's beautiful! What a special friend to receive such a beautiful box and card, she will love it! Your post made me smile, you are so sweet! Can't wait to see your project, it looks shabby and fabulous! Best wishes on your exam and hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  18. Just lovely! I bet your friend was thrilled to receive this set.

  19. Love the altered box and your card!!! Simply gorgeous!

  20. My dear, one year later, I am laughing. I never knew... :D ~speechless~


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