Sunday, March 20, 2011

~ Messy Tables Produce Miracle Cards ~

Hello Saturday!! :o) This week, I managed to sneak in a little crafty-time one of the afternoons.

A quick 20-minute, de-stress session at my messy table = a fun card for a fun friend ..........


I like rows of buttons...... they remind me of the candy from america - smarties - that I loved in my childhood days (a fairly recent stage in my life!) :o)


I actually almost licked my fingers after glittering these buttons....... the way the glue-and-sparkles stick to your hand makes you think it's actually good to eat.

Today I intend to tell you what a messy crafter I am.  Tilting my head ninety-degrees downward, I can see on my skirt traces of glue and several ink spots. Some of those said ink spots have a suspicious triangular shape. Triangular as in: pennant-flag-stamp-shape.

Will i ever learn to stop cleaning my stamps on my clothes?

~ pretty K&Co papers ~ favorite fairy-wings with a little dash of tea-dye ~ some vintage trim ~ beautiful banner stamps from here (they're sold out now, but if you live in the US you can find some with a good discount here) ~ posies from here ~ delicious button-candy in this pretty pink, gorgeous green, and cream ~

one more card with button-rows for you..............

~ vintage paper trimmed into layers of a heart and stitched ~ more K&Co papers ~ favorite sentiment set ~ mulberry rose ~ new favorite silk ribbon ~ wide lace trim ~ fuzzy twine ~

This is a three-loop bow I like to tie when one of my tails "accidentally" turn out too long.. a quick addition and it makes a much puffier ribbon......... maybe one day I'll show you how :o)

Sending you weekend cheer.........

 ~ Vi


  1. Your art is beautiful! TFS. God bless

  2. Patty O'MalleyMarch 20, 2011 at 3:02 PM

    Love your gorgeous cards! You'll have to let us know how to make the bow. I'm putting the finishing touches on the little bit of mail that will be coming your way.

  3. Oh Vi they are both so all the delish layers.

  4. This is so pretty Viola! I love the row of buttons. I've been through pages and pages of your blog, and I never want to leave... You are such a talented lady!
    I noticed your photos are getting better and better, did you take a class?
    Any tips for sharing, as i'm desperately struggling with this!

  5. GOod job with the stuff Vio! I agree with Danielle your photos are getting need to teach me too!!!

  6. Soooo pretty cards, I love the colors and specially the buttons :o)

  7. Hi Vio,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and sharing your sweet comments with me. I took a look around your blog and it is absolutely breathtaking. I love every little shabby inch of it :)

  8. Beautiful cards Viola! I giggled when you said you almost licked your fingers from the glitter, that was too cute! I am a glitter girl and I know what you mean, it's so sparkly and pretty it does look good enough to eat! Love the photos of the flowers, they're beautiful!

  9. My oh my your cards are always stunning and I love love love the first one. Love it to pieces! Your pictures are gorgous!

  10. No ma'am... you did NOT make that in 20 mins! Not fair! It takes me 2 hours to make my cards! Lol... Either way, they're scrumptious! Both of them! (p.s., Messy crafters unite!... we should start a support group, lol!) Xoxo

  11. Beautiful, beautiful!!! Not only your cards are beautiful, but your photos are the same too!


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