Friday, March 25, 2011

~ A Honey Basket ~ creating with burlap and recycled tissue tubes


I have a tutorial to share today. Be forewarned, it's a pretty lame one.

Ok, let's make this! ^ ^ ^ look above ^ ^ ^

Behold, the humble inner-tube of a roll of toilet paper!

You probably don't use such huge bales of paper (with such wide inner-tubes) in your own home, but if you ever see an empty roll at some public restroom, you can save it..... I know it sounds kind of gross, but that's your problem, see... I got mine from a really, really sanitary place (that I actually help to clean sometimes, so it's REALLY clean, I'm sure of it).....

didn't mean to get so hung up on restrooms. let's move on ok?

- Cut you some nice, fuzzy burlap. (shall we have a burlap spree one day, all of us together?) Cut it into a nice, large circle much bigger than the base of your empty roll.


- Lay the burlap under the center of the roll and start wrapping up the sides, folding the fabric so it won't "stick out" the sides..... hard to explain, but I hope you get the picture. Tuck the overlap over the top edge of the roll into the insides.....

- Secure the fabric to the inner walls of the roll with adhesive. You could try glue-dots, or some other kind. I used liquid adhesive, which is --- um, really messy (sometimes i forget to use my brains).

- Sit at craft table and hold the burlap down tightly until the glue dries (approximately 30-40 minutes, if I remember rightly)

- Snack on favorite raspberry-chocolate cookie-bar while waiting for glue to dry... (as you can see I cheated and let go in order to hold the cookie... lesson learnt: glue-y fingers + cookie-bar = not good)

 - Admire nicely adhered burlap-to-roll.....

 (insert spectator-brother's question: "how do you take your pics with that colossal junk in the background?!")

- Wrap twine firmly around the burlap sides, to keep everything in place.....

... then change mind, unwrap, and wrap again..........

 - Add pretty lace trim to the base of the burlap sides. Adhere with more liquid glue... sit and hold for another 30 minute session....

- Untie twine bow, but don't unwrap.... fold twill bow like so ^ ^ ^ and tie twine around it (that is really mean of me to just say it that way, but how else could I?)

- Layer two pink mulberry-hydrangeas and add a gold-edged rose (I'm thinking the rose came from some dinky store I frequent ... but I can't be sure)... adhere to the center of the twill bow.

- Add a Melissa Frances resin embellishment just under the floral centerpiece.....

- Remove colossal junk from background and take some pretty pictures to share.....


My "honey-basket"... because I love it so much :o) ............. from rags to riches.

So that's my lame tutorial for you. I don't do this much because it's hard to balance the big camera in one hand and hold the "thing" with the other. Hope you'll have fun trying it out yourself (if you can find yourself a roll).

I'll be back, soon enough......


  1. Neat! I know where to get tons of the toilet roll thingy, so that'll work! *wink* And the place I can find it is pretty clean!
    I will need to find some burlap sack, though.
    Tell your brother that the beauty of a DSLR is that colossal junk in background is a blur. Hah! We can't figure the junk out. :)
    Thanks for the tutorial, it was nice to see!

  2. This is very clever , love it and don't laugh but .... 12 toilet rolls a week in my house ... Lol and there is just my Hubby and me ... Lol I should have a go at this TFS :)

  3. goood tutorial, not lame at all :O) I will try it.

  4. I stumbled upon your blog from Fond of Crafts. they had spot lighted me on their fantastic fridays before, and so I like to see who they spotlight. I am truly happy I did. Your work is wonderful! Absolutely love it!

  5. oooo I love burlap... this is so pretty.. I must try and make one of these for my studio to put all those little odds and ends in as Im creating... I love the idea of the "cookie break" as well... my favorite part of the tutorial ;)
    Thanks for this!

  6. OMG, this is so so pretty and awesome! Can I create one that is similar like yours??? But I do not know where to get burlap sack, if you are doing a spree, pls loop me in, will be happy to join :)

  7. love it, miss vio! the texture from the burlap and lace and twine is so yummy. love the delicate flowers. great tutorial! have you tried hot glue? i used to try to use liquid adhesives, but i'm too impatient to hold it and hot glue is instant...although i am still looking for a finer tip so not as much glue comes out. thanks for sharing and i wish you a lovely weekeend. big *hugs* steph :)

  8. Viola, it's beautiful and useful. You know, folks can always spray their toiletry finds with some Lysol. ;) I adore things that are free to create with. It means $ spent on decorations rather than the object. And who doesn't have a collosil mess on their work area?? I always do! I put things away before every project, but they creep back out during the creative process. LOL

  9. LOOOOOOVE it. and I don't think your tutorial is lame.. far from it.. its very down to earth and personal. It allows a peak into your creative process.. and as we all know, our crafty spaces are never, rarely ever clear of "junk" in the background :) its a wonderful part of our creative journey-having stuff everywhere :)
    Such a wonderful project. I will have to try for myself

  10. Patty O'MalleyMarch 26, 2011 at 11:03 AM

    This turned out beautiful,Vio!

  11. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! This is SOOOOOOO lovely!! All that burlap!!! Where did you find it? This is INSPIRATIONAL and soooo LOVELY!!!
    Thank you for your sweet comments!! I've been pouring over the 350 Gits and Cards special issue and seen your name several times!! I actually found your blog too and love your pretty pins at Etsy. I'm thinking of getting some!
    Love love love YOUR style, and it's safe to say, I have become a follower! HUGS and looking forward to seeing more of you and your amazingness! CONGRATS on being PUBLISHED----at the BESTEST magazine ever (inmho)

  12. So very pretty Vio. Love the burlap and all your pretty embellishments. You did a wonderful job with your tutorial. Don't sell yourself short girly. :)

  13. This is a cutie, Viola! LOVE the card on the previous post, also!!

  14. EEEE HA! How lovely your tutorial is and that burlap! I have to go to Arab St to grab some too!! Nice pen me inspiration to do something similar!

  15. I totally enjoyed your tutorial! And tell your brother, crafters don't look at the background, they are too busy admiring the project. And if we should happen to stray to the background, it's because we want to know what other wonderful supplies you have.

  16. beautiful project! (:
    count me in too if you're going to do a burlap spree haha

  17. love your basket Vio! I will definitely have to put some burlap on my shopping list ;)
    So cute!
    Have a lovely weekend, hugs, Ruth S

  18. I loved it! Its not lame, and now I have another reason to hoard my toilet rolls! haha... :p

  19. Sweet girl, this is Not lame! it's really practical,environmentally friendly and OH SO PRWETTY !! anyone would love to have it sitting in front of them =)

  20. That is just the sweetest...if you don't mind I might steal this idea for Easter gifts...just gorgeous!!! Your creations are so beautiful!!!

  21. Oh my goodness this is positively lovely. Nobody has to know what it was in a former shines in it's current!!! love love!

  22. Your project is adorable, no lameness at all! Love how you recycled the TP holder into a beautiful project, you go girl!

  23. Good idea! I like this. I am really gonna try.

  24. That is one pretty thing there! You've make me googled for burlap and hungry for a chocolate cookie bar right now! : )

  25. My oh My, Vio!!! You are such a genius!! Who would have thought that a toilet roll can turned into a beauty! You are so so inspiring!

  26. What a lovely project! And you've got a great sense of humour too. :)

  27. I'm giggling to myself b/c I've been saving TP rolls, I just didn't know what for. I kept saying... it will come to me... Lol. So glad I stumbled across your not-so-lame tut. :) You did a wonderful job! Hugs!

  28. I've seen lots of projects with toilet paper or paper towel tubes on utube, but this basket of yours is by far the coolest and prettiest! Thanks! I'm not patient enough to hold it that long to dry, so I'd probably use hot glue, which dries pdq! :)


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