Sunday, March 6, 2011

~ Thankful Cards ~ and the giveaway winner

hey, hello!! I'm back :) ....... after a long week and a long day today.

The giveaway winners .. I know, I know, but you're going to have to wait till the end for me to say who they are!


first, something I made early in the week.. it came in handy later on when I wanted to write a quick thank-you note. A little cutie-pie cherub and little bits of ribbon and lace (and um, burlap again. pardon me!)


And -- one more thank you card. I need to make more of these; I think I don't tell others enough when I'm thankful for everything they've done for me... (and if I could, I'd send one to each of you!) :) --


**lesson of the day: be grateful**


I'm too tired to talk much more tonight, but I want to share the winners of the giveaway...  We went allll the way to 98 comments, and that was REALLY special!! I didn't know so many of you read my blog! So... since we went way over 50 comments, I picked two winners (random means: putting all the comments into a folder in my email, closing eyes, and scrolling up and down, and clicking at random :D) ...

Barb Nichols 

Betty Bourassa

I'm going to pop an email to you ladies; if you'll reply with your addies I will mail off your goodies early next week. I want to thank all of you for dropping by, and saying your kind words. It makes me feel so fresh after a long day .... who knew that so many of you drop by to visit? You've made me more willing to carry on in my craft journey!

~ Vi


  1. Lovely as usual Miss Vio and sweet way to start my morning here in the US.

  2. what a great way to start my day seeing a new post from you.. loving your creativity as usual..very inspiring!
    (and im sure you aced your exam! )

  3. Super cards Viola - I love them!
    Fingers crossed for your results ;)

  4. Congrats to the winners and your cards are pure beauty....I'm in love with's breathtaking!

  5. Patty O'MalleyMarch 6, 2011 at 4:14 PM

    You must feel some relief in having the exams behind you now. I know you will do well! Love your sweet cards! Congrats to the winners!

  6. Barb and Betty you are 2 lucky girls to be receiving Miss Vio pretties! Congrats!
    Thanks again for the chance to have my name entered in to your generous giveaway!

  7. Congrats to the winners! Am so glad to know the exam went well my dear! ;)

  8. oh miss vio, your cards are delish! love the textures and the soft distressed look. just beautiful!
    congrats to the lucky winners!
    glad to hear your exam went well.
    big *hugs* steph :)

  9. Really BEAUTIFUL creations!!!
    Sabrina Sulaiman spotted you for Fascinating Fridays....
    Can't wait to feature you this Friday :)


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