Wednesday, March 30, 2011

~ Reverse Die-Cuts ~ thrifty recycling in papercraft


I made this card the day before my exam (instead of slogging away on the scales like I should have been doing) ......... because I had this *brilliant* idea (nothing really brilliant about it, really) ........ see, I had this die-cut set from Melissa Frances...

... that I used up a looong time ago. But I saved the "negative" sheet, you  know the stuff left after you use up the insides? If you trim around what's left, you get this...


That frame... and you can just stitch all around it to create a cute little box for your buttons to nest in.

Wtm_2  Brightbday1

Another card with another negative-frame... I love how it looks like a little window, with these cute banner stamps strung across! But I'll tell you that banners are BIG-TIME troublesome to make (that's cause I'm lazy) ;o)

 Cherry-and-olive buttons! from here! and that sentiment, from Masculine Motifs.

I like to make tri-colored scrunchy bows. They add a little too much bulk to the card, but oh-welly... ;o)
One more card........ and I'll be done.

Twill roses are really fun. I used a strip that was from a failed-bow (have you ever heard of those? :o) ...) and just rolled, and tucked, and glued. Easy-peesy, and no-need to make it perfect. That's another one of those negative-frames under the rose. They're versatile, and add an extra-special element to any card.

Hope you have a happy day!
Will be back on April 1st for Clear and Simple Stamps' April release!

Vio ~


  1. Congrats with finished exams!
    Cards are very warm and cozy as usual!
    Using diecut leftovers is smart idea indeed!

  2. These are beautiful! So glad you can breath a sigh of relief now!

  3. Yes! Totally brilliant. I would not have thought of doing that, ever. Your cards are gorgeous. Congrats on finishing your exam, that's great!

  4. These are so beautiful :) love them all , well done on your music exams, so glad I discovered your blog :)

  5. So pretty! What piece did you play for your exam?

  6. sigh... I adore each and every one of these exquisite creations!

  7. Wowzers...really gorgeous...all around! LOVE your twill rose!
    So glad to hear that your hard practice for exams are over for the time being! Enjoy your time...

  8. Love the frames! And love that little banner with those bold classic colors! Everything's beautiful! Breating a sigh of relief with you!

  9. I'm happy to hear the scales went well! It would not have been good had your beautiful card interfered!
    Thank you for sharing how you get the most out of your supplies. All of the cards are beautiful.

  10. Congrats on finishing your Exams, yay! Your cards are gorgeous, love the negative frame idea - thanks for sharing!

  11. Huge congrats on getting your music over Vio!!! Phew ;)
    And how lovely to spend some time to yourself, getting all crafty! I love your stunning cards, and the way you got so creative with the negative sheet. I have a cute Graphic 45 sheet just like it, and I've been hoarding the last couple of diecuts. I shan't be afraid to use them now, as I know what to do with the 'frames'! TFS, hugs, Ruth S

  12. what a great idea Vio!! I am totally loving your creations, I think I need to be purchasing a card from you to have for myself (is that strange? ^_^)- it's like an art of its own, not just any card from a store. Congrats on completing your exams, so happy to hear that, I am sure you will do fantastic. Can't wait to see the new CSS release!

  13. Patty O'MalleyMarch 31, 2011 at 3:14 PM

    I bet you are feeling so relieved that the exams are over! The cards are all beautiful! I love the frame idea.

  14. Congrats with the exam, stunning work and beautiful colors. Great buttons :o)

  15. Congrats on being finished with your exams. Your cards are beautiful as always. I haven't tried a tri colored bow. I have been doing two colors for a while now. I will have to give 3 a try. ;)


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