Friday, April 1, 2011

~ Clear and Simple Stamps April Release ~ On the Mend II

April SOTM - vio2b

....... happy today! Clear and Simple Stamps is releasing their April set-of-the-month. adorable, stamp-a-licious goodies --- On the Mend II ---

April SOTM - vio2d
First of all, that cute flower stamp is from the set........ and the ruler/tape measure stamp made perfect stems! :o)

I love this sentiment..... am using it all over the place! And those darling bobbins are in the set too. Wrap them with fuzzy twine and you're all set to go.

April SOTM - vio2c
April SOTM - vio2a

Lots of CSS buttons on this card: the pinks, creams, and neutrals all bunched together.
Next up..... another cute flower, more rulers......

April SOTM - vio1b

The sweetest sewing machine ever!! have you ever seen the likes? I love it! and it looks just like the one I use in real life :o)

April SOTM - vio1c

Another lovely sentiment. That font is so gorgeous, I could look at it all day.....

April SOTM - vio1a
^ this card ^ I made for a special friend... a sweet friend who has indeed been very kind to me. Let me tell you, real friends love you for who you are, rather than what they can get out of you. I love that about my friends, and I try my best with God's help to be that kind of a friend too.

April SOTM - vio3b
Next card, with that same, "love-beyond-measure" text strip...... I became a little cruel to the stamp at this point and bent it all out of shape to get the curve I wanted ......... don't worry about doing that to your stamps tho. They nicely un-bend when you pull it off the stamping block. Try it -- you'll like it!

April SOTM - vio3c

I love me that little bird-nest...... from this etsy store. Ask for the eggs in any color you want, with the nest in light or dark brown. I'm needing more already......

April SOTM - vio3a
That lovely blue-bird image is from a Crafty Secrets vintage postcard kit. I only used half the postcard, and saved the other half for a rainy day......... when I have no more money left to buy postcard kits ;o)

Here's a quick peek at what the whole On the Mend II set contains:CSSOnTheMendII

It's sooo cute! you're going to need On the Mend I too, I bet.  CSSOnTheMend

Thanks for joining me today to welcome the CSS April SOTM! happy shopping!

No, I didn't do any April Fool's joke on you cuz I'm not feeling brainy enough to think of something. Maybe tomorrow :o)

~ Vio


  1. Only your kindness exceeds your TALENT. I admire your creations and I aspire to be as kind. Have a GREAT day! Hugs to you.

  2. lovely vintage style..with colors..LOVETHEM!!

  3. What beautiful creations Viola :) stunning!!! And loving those stamps especially the sewing machine :)

  4. oh my goodness, these are all SO LOVELY!!! You are an amazing artist!!!

  5. All very sweet, but I especially love the layout and detail on the last card! Have a great weekend!!

  6. You created magic with these stamp sets; your cards are breathtaking....There are so many gorgeous details and I am in love with this color scheme. Fabulous!

  7. WOW, WOW...everything you created is just GORGEOUS!!!! Love the shabby feel of them!!

  8. I am so, so, so happy I found your blog! I am speechless, which is highly unusual. All three of these lovely cards are absolutely divine! Like Eva said "WOW, WOW ...!" :)

  9. Fabulous, gorgeous designs! Loving the new stamp sets, and your adorable designs around them...such a cute little nest too!

  10. Love all the cards! Thanks for the tip on bending the stamps--I never thought of that. Your friend will love her card!

  11. They are all so well made and thought out. You did an amazing job showcasing the stamps. :)

  12. All of these are beautiful! I love your seam binding bows...I need some major lessons on that one!

  13. Completely adorable Vio...these are enchanting.

  14. These are just lovely! You showed off the different images in the set beautifully.

  15. Oh Vio..I love those nests..they are wonderful!!!

  16. I feel like I'm in a time warp! I've got back to when things were soft and beautiful...ahhh. This card is bliss.

  17. Oh my, your cards are absolutely stunning!!!


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