Thursday, April 21, 2011

~ Fashion Inspired ~ and a handmade embellishment tutorial

Bramblewoodfashion1Pretty clothes! Pretty shoes! and such PRETTY colors! I love this beautiful collection............ so I made a card to match.


I was so *dancin' happy* to find that I had a sunshiney gingham patterned paper (from My Mind's Eye Stella and Rose collection) to match my fabrics! Totally fun.

Well if you want to make that fabric flower too, here's how:

Grab your trusty ole PaperTrey Ink large scalloped border die (doesn't everyone have one of those?)... And..... ignore the flower and pearl-button for a moment please. They aren't s'posed to be there.

Next step (use imagination) ... die-cut a strip of gingham using the border die <-- too obvious for words -- and then use the widest stitch (around size 4 perhaps) on your sewing machine........

see ^ like this ^

weeelll... I should have said this at the sewing-step, but since I didn't, I'll just sincerely hope at this point that you didn't double stitch the ends. They need to be loose and the threads free.

So, grab one end of the loose thread and pull it gently until the scalloped strip starts bunching and gathering. It will automatically (involuntarily perhaps) curl into a round.... just tease it a little here and there and it will be fine.

And all you have left to do is cobble on a cute flower and a button and a pearl on top (later I found out that the flower was actually two flowers kind of stuck together, so since I'd already stuck it on I separated the petals and made it add more "pouf" to the whole thing-y)

hey buddy. purty cute!

Stamps from BasicGrey and Crafty Secrets.

Can't wait to show you more, but time slips away from me EVERYDAY. how does it happen? Life's getting to a crazy fever-pitch ..... *groan*

Thinkin' of giving up this blogging madness.......



  1. Patty O&#39;MalleyApril 21, 2011 at 3:28 AM

    What a sweet card! Love how the flower is made!

  2. ...what lovely little Spring layers!!

  3. I don't have that die! Grr :P It's okay I'll just watch you put up your flower creations lol. Love this one

  4. I love this card! Thanks for the little flower tutorial, you're so creative! Don't give up blogging, I would miss you! ;)

  5. Thanks for the tip on the flower; I can't wait to try it! I love visiting your blog and your beautiful creations. Thank you for such great inspiration.

  6. What a lovely card, Vio! I really appreciate the flower tutorial. I'm going to give it a try. Don't even think about quitting blogging - you are my favorite blog!! I'd be lost without you.

  7. Oh my gosh....PLEASE don't think of giving up make the BEST cards!!!

  8. So beutiful flower! Thank you for the tutorial!

  9. Dear Vio , your blog makes so many people happy , i hope you never give up !!!
    Thanks for the flower tutorial ! I don't have that die either but it also works with a coin lining it with a pen or a marker half the way and making it as long as you wish . That's how i did it .
    Love Rosa

  10. my favorite color is yellow so I love this card. :) About the die... I don't have one!! yes, it's true. There are some of us out there that do not have a die cutting machine!!!
    I am going to try to make your flower with a pair of scissors. :)
    thanks for sharing and yes, blogging is a mad world. :) Like we don't have enough stuff to do now we need to blog too. :)

  11. Hello Vio,
    Such a lovely card and a great idea for the flower. Your blog makes me happy, so thank you! As for time slipping away.... it only picks up speed as your life continues. It is the bane of my day that I run out of time before things that need tending.

  12. Your card is *divine*!!! I love that polyvore inspiration - I totally need that summery dress. And your card is the perfect pretty interpretation ;)
    TFS, hugs, Ruth S

  13. Super idea with the border die blossom Vio! Love your sunshiny match as well!!!

  14. So so pretty, love yellow (my favorite color), and love gingham! Thanks so much for the flower tutorial, they're beautiful (and I have that die, yipee!)

  15. What an adorable card Viola! Love the yellow and your flower is so beautiful! I have that die and it's my favorite!

  16. Oh, how lovely. Thanks for the tutorial on how you made your flower. You are so talented. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Wow; I'm speechless. This is a short comment: I love it! :)

  18. So sweet! I love how you made that flower! I have that die! :)

  19. Sweet card and great tutorial, Miss Viola!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful cards with us!

  20. So pretty!! love the yellow card!! Thanks for sharing this, Viola!! :)

  21. wow great flower it.and thanks for sharing!!! I am trying to get the PI scallop!

  22. that's a really nice work! thanks for the tutorial.

  23. This is adorable!! I am going to have to try this!! Thank you for sharing!


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