Wednesday, April 13, 2011

~ Clear and Simple Stamps Group Challenge ~ Fun with Fabric


Second post of the day due to less-than-normal-brain-activity.........(I thot this post was due on the 15th, but to my horror, it is due on the 12th. Better get it in before the day is over, eeeek!)

Stamp of the day: Clear and Simple set On the Mend II..........

Fabric2 Fabric3
 Fabrics: gingham check, burlap, froggy feathers, and crochet trim. Nuff cloth? :o)


Same same...... but different.. shabby and cute! Each with it's own personality.

Fabric6  Fabric7
Hmm..... I think I want to hug these cards. They look like pillows of goodness.

I'll have a chocolate chip cookie before bed. Want to share with me?
here..... *crunch*

PS you wanna visit my CSS friends for more crafty ideas using fabric and this stamp set!!! :o)
Dana -- Kim -- Lori -- Ryann -- Cristina -- Tiffany -- Tracy

PSS you wanna pick up the new copy of PaperCrafts on April 15!! CSS has a second feature in it..... with links to some exclusive, exclusive projects...... *secret grins*CSS(bonuspage)MayJune


  1. Your cards with fabric is so beautiful! I very like your past series with gingham.

  2. Just wonderful cards! I love how you add so many fabrics, flowers and textures!!

  3. No matter what material; you turn everything into a priceless gem. I love these cards!

  4. Beautiful cards, Miss Vio! Love the flowers! You said you wanted to hug them like pillows. Why don't you make some small type pillows? I think they would make wonderful gifts or sell in your etsy shop.

  5. this card is so cute..with fabric tender touch on it!!

  6. gorgeous creation, the fabric and burlap are perfect.

  7. You're not the only one wanting to hug those cards, Vio, I want to hug them too!! :)) I went to rope's etsy store to pick up some fabric after your rec, I think I got some of that gingham as well!! That said, I have some vintage-inspired fabric that I should pull out and try to stitch some on :) Love these!!

  8. This is SO STUNNING!!!! What a beautiful blog, Viola!

  9. Love ALL of your cards! That first card really caught my because of the bright colors. Thanks for taking the time to share with us!!

  10. These are sooo lovely! I would love to pull off those flowers and pin them to my blouse. Wonderful work you do Vio!


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