Sunday, April 17, 2011

~ A Card I Dislike ~ and one I do like, along with roses

I made a mad card. As in, really mad. Color-wise..........


Any-wise. (what do "antique bicycles" have to do with a "just because" card? Not sure that I know...)

Hummm. It doesn't look like me-style, but it will do.

Perhaps the wonky colors of the photo contributed to my irritation with this card. Sorry huh.....

Here's one not half so mad. I ~love~ those baby birds!


 And I love that sentiment too. Love sure does grow in my family's happy home! ;o)

Well, I am all tired out, so it's time to get ready for bed........ we had a long week taking care of a funeral, and I just didn't get much time to mess around with the craft stuff....

In the days ahead, I will be a busy girl, but I hope I will have time to pop in every few days to share something. I'll be back I promise.


Saturday roses for you..... courtesy of Dad, who got them for his darling (Mum)



  1. Such a beautiful card, Viola! Yellow is my favorite color lately! I was just admiring your use of burlap in the post how it looks - so textural and pretty! Thank you so much for visiting me!

  2. Love both your cards Vio - the yellow 'just because' one is cute. Very happy and sunshiney, but not so bright to be overwhelming for your style. I like it anyhoo.
    TFS, hugs, Ruth S

  3. U are amazing, girl... the cards are really beautiful! hope it's all well at home for u.
    take care!

  4. These are lovely, Viola! I ordered the Pink Paislee die cuts and paper because of your inspiring creations, now I can't wait to find a moment to create something with them :) Don't stay away for too long...

  5. I think the mad card is lovely! Just my colours exactly. The other one is also very cute!

  6. Patty O'MalleyApril 17, 2011 at 11:03 AM

    Both cards are beautiful and so cheery! Those roses are certainly a way to brighten the chilly, rainy day we have here!

  7. Beautifull cards , Vio !!! The second one really made me smile ... I recognize something we have in common ...
    Huggy hugs Rosa

  8. breathtaking; the second car dis my faovrite :) I just LOVE these colors!

  9. You silly girl. This is "your style". Just becuase you used a color other than pink or blue doesn't mean it isn't your style. You can't create cards in two colors forever. That woudl be boring. LOL It still have all the Viola touches that makes it "your style". I love it personally. You have come a long way in the few months you have been blogging. Your style will change and so will you. Have you ever looked at the beginning of Melissa Phillips blog? Not the same as now. :)

  10. get some rest, silly girl! Everything looks so lovely!! love your new die cuts!!

  11. Both these cards are beautiful, the yellow is so springy and happy. You always inspire me and I look forward to each of your posts. Thanks to you I had to order those beautiful Pink Paislee die cuts and they were delivered yesterday. I'm looking forward to playing with them!

  12. lovely work vio, your blog posts lift my day, thankyou !!!

  13. Both your cards are soft and beautiful Viola! Love the yellow! I'm still waiting for my die cuts - why does all the good stuff have to be back-ordered - LOL! The roses are beautiful, what a sweet dad! Hope you have a great week!

  14. Viola, these cards are lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Love these sweet cards. You are so talented. Love to stop by to see what you are up to.

  16. Dear Viola,
    Love your work! I found you from another website, and it's so heartening to know another fellow singaporean. You really do breathtaking work!! :))
    Pei Li

  17. OOh, I just LOVE these Viola!! They are gorgeous!

  18. Your cards are just sooo lovely! I especially enjoyed your contributions to Papercrafts 350 Cards & Gifts.


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