Saturday, April 9, 2011

~ April Garden Day ~

Hey, I've done a turrible job of answering your queshuns lately......... here are a few answerz for you.

#1 Scrunchy ribbon bow tutorial: I learned that from here!

 (pretty huh? easy does it. Melis has a wonderful tutorial for ya)

#2 Lace trim source: Almost all my trims are purchased from this etsy shoppe..... a huge and lovely range. Another new favorite trim-shoppe is this one..... yum!!

(this one came from Little Red Cottage ... you're gonna see a lot of it) 

#3 Ummmm..... I knew there were three queshuns but I forgot what the third one was. If you have any more just post 'em in the comments later huh?

Today, featuring the beautiful and versatile stamp set On the Mend II by CSS.......... and Butterfly Garden die-cuts by Pink Paislee. I think I'm going to be addicted to those die-cut images. ~SO LOVELY!~

Blue is my new favorite. I mean, humm.. blue has always *always* been my favorite color. but I found it a bit hard to fit it into the colors of a card... but now!!!!! I LOVE IT!

'kay but pink is good too. It's a go-to color when you feel stuck ~

Those sweet little birds un-stuck my brain at once!! how cute are they?

Birdeggs2b  Birdeggs2c
Heee.. I altered the sentiment by stamping the top and bottom lines separately. It fit so much nicer on this card...... I know, I know. I always cheat when I stamp text. BUT I like to do that (stamp in a strange way I mean, not cheat).

I can't wait to mess my craft table up again (by order of 1 mom and 4 older sisters I packed it today so our dinner guest will not have to see the carnage).

Have a good April day...

~ Vi

p/s ....... I remember the third question. It had something to do with photography. Ummm.... I'm the biggest ignoe-ray-moose when it comes to photography so I cannnot answer that. Lemme see. I think I can tell you that you take a whole ton of pictures and then go through and delete all the blur ones. Yes! that's the way to get nice pictures. Hope that helped somewhat....
(when I am more certain of my own ability, I promise you I will give a few photography tips for those of you who asked!) :o)


  1. hi vio i love all of these! i just finished making my own robin's nest complete with little handpainted blue speckly eggs, after being inspired by your cards :) i love the pink paislee scraps too! :) by mistake i ordered two of the butterfly garden papers... silly me, but at least they are so pretty, that I am secretly glad i made this mistake :o
    i just found out the other day that littleredcottage is a friend of frogfeathers, and they can combine ship! i love littleredcottage! :) glad i can kill two birds with one stone when i go trim shopping now!

  2. Oh Vi you are such a sweetie. Thanks for reminding me of that little step by step on Melissa's blog....I had seen it and forgotten and now you've reminded me. Looooove those sweeeet seam binding bows!!! Thanks huh!

  3. the trim on these cards is so gorgeous!!

  4. Mmmmm... Lovely! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Beautiful spring designs Vio! Gorgeous frou frou around those LOVELY diecuts! Just yummy!

  6. These are beautiful, Viola. I love the sweet birds and pretty trims. Melissa is where I learned to do my two toned bows from as well. You must have went back pretty far. That was a while ago. She has a wonderful blog and is a great person to learn from. That is who I learned everything from a couple years ago when I started blogging. :)

  7. Hi Vio,
    Thought I would just pause and let you know how much I enjoy seeing your creations. They're beautiful and I always look forward to seeing your latest. Love what you did today too.

  8. Hi Vio,
    Thanks for answering the query in the scrunchie ribbons!! So nice for you to share with us on the tips.
    Btw, I had purchased my seam bindings from another Etsy shop which you may wanna check it out:

  9. Once again you've brightened my day with your breathtaking work! I love the die cuts you used today, as well as the beautiful trim! I need to check out your links and spend some money lol!

  10. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!!
    thanks for the links as well.. you sure know how to tempt a gal to do some online shopping;)

  11. Absolute beautiful cards! I have never used Pink Paisley products. I'll be checking them out today! Thsnks for sharing your talent! :)

  12. Precious cards, Vio! Love everything Melissa makes, too!

  13. these are fab-u-lous, Viola! I love what you did with the Pink Paislee die cuts!!

  14. beautiful cards! love the pinks! :p just curious, where do you buy those displays that are photographed with your cards?

  15. Beautiful cards Viola, I love them! I have those die cuts on my wish list for my next order, can't wait to get them!

  16. wow viola, i'm sooo happy I found your blog, just love your work, b-e-a-utiful!!!! have ordered some pins from your etsy store too, cant wait for the postman!!!!!
    anne :)

  17. Nice cards! :D I love the blue cute!
    I'm sure your guest didn't bother about the carnage one bit. ;)

  18. You never cease to amaze me. These are beautiful! I want to make cards like you when I grow up :-).

  19. You are very cute and funny, and your cards are beautiful as always!!

  20. Too bad you don't live nearby; Id love to attend a workshop from you':)
    Everything you make.....breathtaking. There are always so many gorgeous details on your projects...fabulous!


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