Sunday, April 3, 2011

~ A Little Fabric Love ~

**ETA: Christi at Frog Feathers says she will give you a 15% discount at her store for this summer if you tell her you found her shop via my blog! (send her an etsy convo) ... how sweet is that? Hope you'll run over and do a little shopping :o) **

Happy weekend, girls!

It's saturday afternoon, the sun is blazing (like it always does in south east asia) and I'm not gonna lie to you... I feel like I need a nap. It's so quiet outdoors I think maybe even the birds are taking their siesta.

I better hurry up with what I have for today then..

I got me some fat quarters of pretty vintage fabrics in the mailbox this week... from Rope. Spring-like, fresh and lovely prints. You can rip 'em and stitch 'em and do all sorts of fun things.


I never thought I'd make a card (much less SIX of them) with no patterned paper. But then, patterned fabric makes a great substitute, doesn't it? :o)

Fabricpretties3 I think... that gate-fold cards and I might not have been made to be friends :o( We'll see --- in the days ahead.

Stamping works on fabric too! The effect is just a little bit softer -- what's not to love about that?

 Those little posies are made of scraps of tea-dyed lace trim. Fun, cute, and easy... you'd better plan on having super sticky fingers after you're done creating them though. Lots of glue involved ;o)

That's my first card set created with the pretty trio of fabrics. I'll show you the next set I made sometime next week, k.

OH Bother!! I might as well show you now. The thought of having to think of another title for another post... *shudder*    <--- now you know my grudge against this thing called blogging?

Up on these next three cards, there are some pretty awesome, fluffy-cute thingies from Frog Feathers <---- love this name :o) 

Shabby, frayed roses and beautiful jute trimmings...


The middles of these lovely pieces of fabric roses can be adorned with little posies, buttons, or other toppings...

FabricprettiesB4 Hope you'll have the good sense to click on some of the links I've left you with today.... and get yourself some Rope prints or Froggy Feathers...

Time for my nap.
Oh wait.. I just saw some interesting looking shop on etsy............
*goes off and starts adding items to her cart again*
Love from an etsy-shopper/addict.
~ Vi


  1. Oh my I could stare @ these wonderful beauties AGAIN & AGAIN!!!! There aren't enough descriptive words of delight!!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful talent!

  2. Your fabric cards are beautiful, Viola! Also, I love how you used twisted twill tape to make flowers! Very fresh, new ideas here! Love your shabby chic style.

  3. Patty O&#39;MalleyApril 3, 2011 at 5:27 AM

    I believe you outdid yourself here, Viola!! Absolutely, beautiful cards! Pure eye candy!

  4. Such adorable cards Vio! They totally make me want to break out some of my precious fat quarters ;)
    Thanks for the inspiration, hugs, Ruth S

  5. Such a beautiful collection of cards Vio. I love the pretty shades of pink and yellow together. You did an amazing job stitching the fabric on. I tried it once and had a big mess. :)


  7. Such beautiful cards, Viola. Well done for USING your fabric...i just hoard mine ;) I am loving the frog feathers store...might just have to spend a few pennies there this weekend :) Thanks for sharing x

  8. Simply Amazing! Card after card of scrumpdiddleumptiousness! I just wanna hug them, they're so cute! Heehee. :)

  9. Holy wow! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me.. These are GORGEOUS!!!! just what I needed for a little spring time inspiration.. *sigh* i think im off to look at them again and soak it all in. Happy napping :)

  10. Miss Vio these cards are some of your BEST. Everything you create is stunning, but these are scrumptious. ♥

  11. So BEAUTIFUL!!!
    Love it wished I would receive such a gorgeous card..great idea..still have lots of quilt fabric so.....

  12. OMG! This is just beautiful! Love your amazing work!

  13. Hey Vio I so know what you mean by etsy's crazy and I can't stop! I've decided not to go into etsy cos I can't control myself!! :)
    Thanks for always dropping by my blog and leaving sweet comments!
    Here's a little treat for u:
    Me to Kate today (she was yakking non stop): 'Can you please don't talk so much?'
    Kate: 'No. I always talk so much'.
    haha..fainted right? She is so adorable and chatty these days..can't stop her from talking!

  14. oh, these are sooo pretty.
    When I first began scrapbooking in 2007 I made a 2 page spread layout with Easter fabrics. It was so cute and so shabby. But back then, nobody really cared about shabby and vintage as much as they do now. I never sold the layout. :(
    I love using fabric on my handmade creations... The first time I sent cards to OperationWRiteHOme I made 100+++ Christmas cards using fabric also. Just like you... I cut the pieces and then stitched them to the card base.
    You can see a photo of the card here... it's the read one.
    Thanks for sharing your pretty creations. :)

  15. You creat emagic with fabric, [a[ers and stamps. That envelope; it took my breath away. Stunning and fabulous!

  16. hi viola,
    your cards are stunning and i must say that i also am pround of you for using your fabric, unlike us hoarders.....thank you for showcasing my trims and shabby rose trim to your friends. makes me so excited that they are used in such a creative way! anyone who tells me in a convo you saw my goodies on her blog i will give you a 15% discount! christi @ frog feathers

  17. Your cards are gorgeous! I really love ur shabby style (: I have a blog award for you on my blog! Hope u'll come and accept it soon!

  18. Your cards are beautiful and shabby Miss Vio! I love using fabric on cards, I'm definitely a fabric hoarder and need to start using it more! Wishing you a beautiful day!

  19. These are just gorgeous, Viola! I'm so glad I stopped by to say hello today! :)

  20. Oh these are beautiful!!!! Can't say much more, I'm speechless!

  21. every once in awhile, i find a blog that is a hit. i love your style, and i am going to check in often. thank you for sharing.

  22. These are fabulous... wow! Just had a little shopping spree at Frog Feathers... thanks!!

  23. Stunning work! I love your style!

  24. amazing job with the fabric and so spring-y. love the look of the cards and the details in them.


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